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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Yeah Inter not Juve..... hectic morning:confused: Thank you for your opinion:)
  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Now Icardi is at Inter, what do you think his role will be? Reserve, loaned out, sub or starter?
  3. Re: Minimum rating 60 I agree completely. If they did this now, they could do a complete overhaul of the ratings to give a more accurate display at the level each individual is playing at right now (like starting afresh). Too many mis-matches at present, and this would solve it, to a large degree (There will always be debate though). This idea might not suit all, but in the long run would improve the rating system IMO. PLUS AS YOU SAY, IT WOULD GIVE A BETTER DIVERSITY BETWEEN THE BETTER PLAYERS.
  4. Re: Shortlist comments Thank you for the bolded statement:D OK, so how about turning off the feature where you get notified when someone else bids on a player on your shortlist? This would still enable you to track/watch as many players as you like but has the added effect of stopping that annoying manager who only bids when others do, thus rewarding the manager who actually keeps tabs on players. Thank you Vicky for your response too.
  5. Re: Squad Transformation Downsized question..... Best 25 and under side to have, any formation.
  6. Hi all, After being in my original competitive GW for almost 3.5 years, I have built a fantastic side IMO (put them where I play them): GK's: Buffon, Ter Stegen and Leali. LB's: Alba, Zanetti, De Sciglio, Digne and Grimaldo RB's: Piszczek, Jones, Montoya and Jantschke CB's: Ramos, T.Silva, Kompany, Dede, Wollscheid, Nastasic, Chiriches, Umtiti and J.Jesus CM's: Fabregas, Rooney, Schweinsteiger, Gundogan, Strootman, Mkhitaryan, Illarramendi, L.Fernando, Pogba, Mayer and Benassi WG's: Ronaldo, D.Silva, Oscar, Isco, J.Rodriguez, Grosskruetz, Bernard, Deulofeu, Fischer, Zaha, R.Jese, Mayer and Gnarby FD's: V.Persie, Higuain, Jovetic, Totti, Aubameyang, Benteke and Icardi Now im bored cos I can only improve a little on my starting XI. SO, I want to build a 25 and under only side that will raise and raise, so the likes of Ronaldo, Fabregas, Ramos, RVP etc will be P/E'd. So please give me your best under 25 side with the next 2 years in mind (any formation). I'll get it rolling: GK: Ter Stegen LB: ALBA RB: DE SCIGLIO CD: VARANE CD: HUMMELS LW: OSCAR RW: ISCO CM: GUNDOGAN CM: GOTZE FD: NEYMAR FD: REUS Thank you.
  7. I think it would be a good idea to have a section to write a small note on players you have shortlisted. I believe my football knowledge is good, but you can't know about all players everywhere, so when I read a write-up about a player and add him to my shortlist, after about 10 of these I forget who they are!! Also, it would be a good idea to limit the number of players you can shortlist. This would stop managers just shortlisting every player and making bids only when someone else does, there is no skill in that. 20-30 would be ideal IMHO.
  8. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Gomez for me.... will score goals where ever he ends up. Best out and out number 9 over last 2 seasons before his injury. Dortmund pair, Palacio/Adebayor spoil the right side way too much.
  9. Re: Isco or Neymar? Whats your starting XI and their backups?
  10. Re: Strikers expected to rise Kiessling is nailed on for a 91. Jackson Martinez can rise later, only just got +2 though. Carlos Vela has a shout at 90. I think Andy Carroll will be very good at west ham and could get 89 further down the road And others already mentioned
  11. Re: Predictions for top clubs in top 4 countrires
  12. Re: Predictions for top clubs in top 4 countrires
  13. Re: Predictions for top clubs in top 4 countrires PUYOL................ 95-94 80% For sure 94 Think you could be right. Changed to 95% ALBA................ 92-93 90% 94 10% 94 is very very difficult 94 is unlikely but a very small chance SONG.................. 91-90 15% Will stay I think he's a risk to drop' date=' got his 91 at Arsenal for 2 cracking seasons play. Only a bit part player now that SM may account to drop him[/color'] INIESTA............... 97-98 40% Stay For me he should raise to 98, 2nd best player in the world at moment just in front of CR7. The standout player behind the world/european champions. FÀBREGAS ............95-96 20% No chance Maybe a little much at 20%. Changed to 5% PEDRO.................. 93 99% Spain is saving him, bad season with Barça Agree VÍLLA................... 94-93 5% Let's say 50% at least. Because they dropped him last time and the fact he's still part of the National team setup makes me think he'll stay. But yeah probably more than 5%. Changed to 30%. MARCELO............... 93-94 10% Won't rise, injured most of season. Forgot about his injury. Changed to stay. ARBELOA................ 91-92 40% Stay! Being a regular for Madrid and Spain (albeit the weak link) has a Big influence on SMs rating policies. Would not suprise me 1 bit if he rose. PEPE..................... 93-92 30% 60-70% Maybe, but was superb in title winning season, dont think they'll drop so soon. VARANE................. 90-91 80% 95% Agree. Changed KHEDIRA................ 92-93 15% You are generous Maybe slightly generous, but a small chance since forumers have been saying 93 was on the cards last changes RONALDO............... 98-99 1% 0% haha, always a minimal chance ÖZIL..................... 94-95 30% Won't rise 30% might be a little high, but superb for Germany and very good for Madrid too except for the odd game. Changed to 15%. Changed some of the others on your suggestions from the other teams as im guessing you've seen them more than me, and some i just used stats for cos never seen them. Thank you for your suggestions:):)
  14. Re: Predictions for top clubs in top 4 countrires Spain now done. Thank you for the kind comments. Please give your opinions where you think I am wrong and I'll change the data if I agree or you put a strong case foward for the change.
  15. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis How good is TARAS STEPANENKO? Will he raise soon and whats his potential? Never seen him play.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Abate or Nagatomo?
  17. Re: Predictions for top clubs in top 4 countrires Well after such an underwhelming response, don't think i'll waste my time with the other 3 divions:confused:
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