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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Official Manchester United Thread £250 million is massive money for any club so Utd aren't going to be spending anything like that.
  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: Official Manchester United Thread
  3. Re: Official Manchester United Thread So by mentioning some existing premiership players (Clyne/Coleman/Stones/Barkley) that realistically could sign for Utd' date=' I'm a clown... Right... Utd need a right back, Clyne or Coleman... 2 excellent rb's, Clyne has to decide whether to commit to Southampton in the next few days but has been linked to Utd and other clubs Stones - one of the best young defenders in the league, I'd prefer him ahead of jones, smalling or evans Barkley - Linked to City, but would be a great midfielder to sign for 10+ years Hummels - Heavily linked with him for th
  4. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Some of the Utd "fans" on here seriously need to go and support someone else like Chelsea or City... A month ago Utd were winning and now suddenly he needs to go... Transfer wise and realistic wise, I wouldn't mind the following: Keep De Gea (a absolute must) Clyne or Coleman for right back Hummels John Stones Ross Barkley Khedira Depay Unrealistic but would like to see: Marquinhos Pogba Varane Think strikers need a shake up, Falcao will probably leave, RVP possibly... Utd have been linked with Ings but don't think he's good enough, he has
  5. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Just as well then that the season lasts longer than 4 matches... Welbeck meant to be having a medical at Arsenal Any sign of Cleverly leaving???
  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread As much as I want new signings, I would also like to see some players go, Nani, Fellaini (who I do think is a good player, just not at Utd), Cleverly, Anderson etc. I'd rather see youngsters like Blackett and Lingard be given a chance as they have potential rather than put up with the usual hit and hope that Nani and Fellaini offer
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Only good thing about losing today is that the cheque book might be brought out now...
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Delighted Utd won the aforementioned "trophy" but I wouldn't go clearing a space in the trophy cabinet but Utd had a really poor pre-season last year and apart from winning 4-1 in the opening game at Swansea, they never got going after that so while it may not mean much winning the tournament, they're in a lot better position than they were this time last year
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