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  1. Re: Survive the sack Dortmund 4 -3 Man City after we took the lead 3 times ... a exceptional game by De Rossi thou... postives can be taken frm the game and hopefully we can bounce back from this defeat ... against Bayern ... Good Game by Dortmund thou ... caught us off guard...
  2. Re: 8 Nation Challenge 2.0 can u guys hold on till the weekend ...???? im really intrestd in joinin ... so is my friend ...
  3. Re: 8 Nation Challenge 2.0 i would be very intrested in FRANCE ...and ive got a friend who wants to join too ... but it depends on when the game world opens ... i out of club slots just a week or 10 days away frm buying more ... !!!!!!
  4. Re: Survive the sack Man City restart thier season under the new manager by beating the neighbrs man utd ... 3-1 .. Man City can also announce thier 4 new signings ... Mannone , Maxwell , Suso and GIOVINCO .
  5. Re: Start at the Bottom - New World ive applied for stauea ...!!!!
  6. Re: New World Championship - 2 Divisions < yeah .. im intrested ... most game worlds are filled with bots these days... !!!!!!
  7. Re: Start at the Bottom - New World im intrested ...!!!!!
  8. Re: Survive the sack the one with spainish team liftin the euros ... rep 157 ..
  9. Re: Survive the sack sounds great ... im intrested ... my SM name is Zaid Khan ... PM me ...!!!!!!
  10. Re: NEW CUSTOM GAMEWORLD (Idea - Interested?) yeah... im intrested ... when does it start ????
  11. Re: European Championship 4000 - Are you ready??? why dont we do a wc instead of an ec
  12. Re: European Championship 4000 - Are you ready??? Im in... lookin for serious game world since a long time...
  13. Re: Me and my friends are looking for a GW to join!
  14. Re: Me and my friends are looking for a GW to join! mate ... me and my friend and lookin for a new league too ... it will be great if we all can join up ... we both are rated at 154... sm regulars and looking for a good league with a big challege...
  15. Re: Counter formations thnx alot mate... ill go with 451 and change to 3421 when loosing... ill post the score... cheers...
  16. Re: Counter formations I am playing a MUST WIN game against a 92 rated team who play 4231 mentality attacking passing style mixed target man playmaker men behind the ball counter attack my team is 91 rated ... i dont know what to do ....?????? can somone help me out here...
  17. Re: HELP needed badly... i played with 451 normal and hard... i lost 2-4... even changin to 442 after 75 didnt help...
  18. i lost to real madrid last night... and i have gotta cup final against them on monday... they always play with 433 wings and attacking mentality... wat shd i do ....????!!
  19. Re: World Championship 14700- MADE ROUGHLY 4 FEB im still intrested... is there space...?????
  20. Re: New Forum WC- made after January transfer window! SUBMIT YOUR INTEREST NOW! cool.. count me in...
  21. Re: New Forum World Championship i am in... as it is i am looking for a new game world... when is it opening...????
  22. im very confused who to sign between James Rodriguez and Deries Martens... ne suggestions...????
  23. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Kevin Kuryani is up for SALE.
  24. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread im in with PALERMO... the whole team except Podoski and alex chamberlain is available...anyone intrested can pm me.
  25. Re: World Championship 10000 available jobs thread oh man...ive missed out on fc kobenhaven too...this time by seconds... Is there any other vaccancy coming...?????
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