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  1. he is a free agent in my gameworld, how far can he go with his rating now that he joined liverpool?
  2. Re: Diego COSTA if he keeps up like this he could rise:D
  3. Re: wayne rooney Rooney came to chelsea?? did I miss something
  4. Re: lukaku he just got 89 at the end of April, and honestly did not do anything special to deserve rise to 90 yet...too little time has passed since last rise so he will stay
  5. Re: Guys help,should I swap turan & draxler for ozil hehe it was all up to you, since you already have great players on the team you wont miss ozil
  6. Re: Jerome Boateng He should be 91 mainly because he won three-peat with bayern playing regularly at both bayern and germany...he deserved 91
  7. Re: Need a young LB all these are great young LB's i just wanted to add Emre Can, this season he will play for leverkusen hopefully he will get some serious game time
  8. Re: Guys help,should I swap turan & draxler for ozil Draxler is great young player but you cannot compare him to ozil, he has a long way to go...last season ozil recorded 15 assist and 9 goals in Real Madrid and those are some serious numbers...compared to draxler's 10 goals and 3 assists...Draxler is talented youngster but not on the same level as ozil, moreover ozil is a first pick when it comes to national team
  9. Re: Guys help,should I swap turan & draxler for ozil do it, that is my opinion
  10. Re: Guys help,should I swap turan & draxler for ozil do it, ozil is great player and i think in arsenal he can maintain 94...draxler is the future but you can never know when or will he ever hit 94. it also depends on your squad and how losing Arda and Draxler will affect your squad, but i would do it in a heartbeat
  11. Re: Bale to 94 *** This game is not based on individual success at least it was not before, team success and trophies are more important and as I already mentioned he won nothing. He didn't even play CL for 2 years
  12. Re: Bale to 94 *** ok then Gotze should be 95 or 96 since he actually won something (2 times bundesliga) with dortmund and lets not forget Reus who is still 92 which is a joke compared to Bale's 94...then if we go to bayern who won three-peat it is even more ridiculous as Neuer is still 93 and so on...there is no way you can say that his rating went up because he was wanted by every team on planet or because he is most expensive player of all time
  13. Re: Bale to 94 *** I don't have anything against Wales, i'm just trying to find the explanation for his rating change that is all, and I just mentioned national team which is in the list of the things along with club success that affects rating... i'm not saying that is most important thing on SM but it has an impact
  14. Re: Bale to 94 *** i'm not saying that he is a bad player or something, but please in the last year or so he rose from 91 to 94 even though he did not win anything with tottenham, moreover his national team, with all due respect, isn't any good...so why 94
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