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  1. Re: wayne rooney

    Rooney is still at Man United.

    The transfer to Chelsea is now forgotten.

    Like Mou said: "For all parties' date=' it's finished."

    Don't post stupid things.[/quote']

    first of all tell it to the guy that made a topic not to me...i just watched him play in Manchester derby and than this guy comes and tells that he went to Chelsea, so i was just wondering in which world does he live

  2. Re: Guys help,should I swap turan & draxler for ozil

    Keep your players. Draxler alone is more talented than Ozil...

    Draxler is great young player but you cannot compare him to ozil, he has a long way to go...last season ozil recorded 15 assist and 9 goals in Real Madrid and those are some serious numbers...compared to draxler's 10 goals and 3 assists...Draxler is talented youngster but not on the same level as ozil, moreover ozil is a first pick when it comes to national team

  3. Re: Bale to 94 ***

    Neymar to 99 then.


    Best Young Player of Campeonato Paulista (1): 2009

    Best Forward of Campeonato Paulista (4): 2010' date=' 2011, 2012, 2013

    Best Forward of Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (3): 2010, 2011, 2012

    Best player of Campeonato Paulista (4): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

    Best player of South American Youth Championship (1): 2011

    Best player of Copa Libertadores (1): 2011

    Best player of Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (1): 2011

    Best player of Recopa Sudamericana (1): 2012

    FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball (1): 2013

    Young Player of the Year (1): 2011

    Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Championship Squad (3): 2010, 2011, 2012

    Copa Libertadores Championship Squad (1): 2012

    Arthur Friedenreich Award (2): 2010, 2012

    Armando Nogueira Trophy (2): 2011, 2012

    Golden Ball (1): 2011 – Best player in Brazilian League by magazine Placar

    Silver Ball (2): 2010, 2011 – Best Forward in Brazilian League by magazine Placar

    Silver Ball hors concours (1): 2012

    Golden Boot (2): 2010, 2011, 2012 – Most goals in all competition in Brazil

    Copa do Brasil Top scorer (1): 2010

    South American Youth Championship Top scorer (1): 2011

    FIFA Club World Cup Bronze Ball (1): 2011

    South American Footballer of the Year (2): 2011, 2012

    FIFA Puskás Award (1): 2011

    Campeonato Paulista Top scorer (1): 2012

    Copa Libertadores Top scorer (1): 2012

    FIFA Confederations Cup Bronze Shoe (1): 2013

    FIFA Confederations Cup Dream Team (1): 2013[/center']

    i'm not sure it's enough :D, so many awards and only 92 hahaha

    Premier League PFA Team of the Year: 2010–11' date=' 2011–12, [u']2012–13[/u]

    FWA Footballer of the Year: 2012–13

    PFA Players' Player of the Year: 2010–11, 2012–13

    PFA Young Player of the Year: 2012–13

    UEFA Team of the Year: 2011

    FYI none of the other players you mentioned have been in uefa team of the year.

    It should also be noted that 94 isn't the best rating in the world and he is still behind and in level with many other players....

    Also the ratings of Reus etc shouldn't affect Bale's rating in any way, so any problem you have with their ratings has nothing to do with Bale... etc

    Also, hopefully you'll see that the other players in the premier league (yes, that's correct, professional footballers from the premier league) have voted for Bale as the best player for the past season........

    IMO your argument is void...........

    This game is not based on individual success at least it was not before, team success and trophies are more important and as I already mentioned he won nothing. He didn't even play CL for 2 years

  4. Re: Bale to 94 ***

    I think the fact is this;

    He was wanted by pretty much every team on the planet.

    He is the most expensive player of all time..... and you don't become that for no reason (I admit this doesn't mean that Carroll should be 92... but that was a crazy buy)

    Oh and the player awards he's won in the premier league...

    ok then Gotze should be 95 or 96 since he actually won something (2 times bundesliga) with dortmund and lets not forget Reus who is still 92 which is a joke compared to Bale's 94...then if we go to bayern who won three-peat it is even more ridiculous as Neuer is still 93 and so on...there is no way you can say that his rating went up because he was wanted by every team on planet or because he is most expensive player of all time

  5. Re: Bale to 94 ***

    I don't have anything against Wales, i'm just trying to find the explanation for his rating change that is all, and I just mentioned national team which is in the list of the things along with club success that affects rating... i'm not saying that is most important thing on SM but it has an impact

  6. Re: Bale to 94 ***

    i'm not saying that he is a bad player or something, but please in the last year or so he rose from 91 to 94 even though he did not win anything with tottenham, moreover his national team, with all due respect, isn't any good...so why 94 :confused:

  7. Re: Guidetti

    he will probably be loaned or sold especially if City brings in Cavani...talented young player, in any other club he would be treated like hot prospect but in city :rolleyes: ...20 goals in 21 games that he started for feyenoord

  8. Re: courtois or neuer

    neuer in bayern can get very high rating, if they win CL he is looking at 94...courtois is good young keeper, but there is a rumor that he will stay in atletico plus money and maybe another player as exchange for falcao that will go to chelsea...that rises a question how high he can go in atletico, but if he goes back to chelsea no question he has bright future :)...

    I would like to have both of them, if I can have only one than neuer definitely :)

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