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  1. Re: Xherdan Shaqiri - Push for 90? he will get a rise +1 100%
  2. Re: Who is a good young Right back with lots of potential? from those 2 Carvajal is better, what about azpilicueta, phil jones, de sciglio
  3. Re: Best striker in the World right now? Ibra for me because he has been on top level for many years and proved in different clubs followed by Falcao and Cavani
  4. Re: Best striker in the World right now? still no poll
  5. Re: Cavani Gomez Robben Lewendowski lewandowski has to rise, leading goalscorer in bundesliga with 23 goals and 10 goals in CL... +1
  6. Re: Ilkay Gundogan if you can take him, perspective young player, lately rumor has it Real is trying to bring him to replace xabi alosno...definately DM with bright future, I would say 93/94
  7. Re: Respuesta: Left Defender well he is a good back up if you already have alaba and moreover he is versatile, he is young and he will definitely rise more...he is already 88 and he rose recently...most of the games this season he played on right side but in copa del rey he played on the left. all in all he is a good player
  8. Re: Givanildo HULK he will not drop, but in means on selling and earning money he will not rise either so I don't know...do you need him or don't, maybe exchange for someone
  9. Re: get rid of ramos for kompany and nastasic?? why are u always making same Threads 2 times??
  10. Re: robben? it is hard to win back rating once you lose it, especially because he was injured and did not played too many minutes this season...so i think that he will stay at 93
  11. Re: Muller or Reus? I think Reus is more capable, but muller is beast this season and is playing for bayern who is dominant in every front they are playing (CL and bundesliga) so expect him to rise to 94 especially if bayern wins CL...I would take muller but just because he plays for Bayern who is better team at the moment
  12. Re: RVP to 96 exactly because Ibra is 96 and with probably stay like that, he plays for PSG and RVP plays for United so he should get 96 eventually if he continues...but again Ibra is Ibra he has been playing on high level for years in almost every team he played
  13. Re: do i give ozil and higuain for messi???? if players to replace Ozil are varane and coentrao than don't do it...no way
  14. is RVP going to rise to 96 in the next review??
  15. Re: guys alonso for yaya then arbeloa for nastasic? dont give away alonso for yaya toure!!!
  16. Re: Kagawa i don't think he will rise, only 5 goals and 3 assists this season and played 15 matches...he was injured too
  17. Re: Müller or Suárez? Suarez could win player of the year award, but again I think that Muller is more likely to rise because he won bundesliga and is still in a play for Champions League, if bayern wins he will rise 99%...I don't think Suarez will leave Liverpool and if he stays I'm not sure he can rise without champions league and europa league
  18. Re: Müller or Suárez? I would not do it, muller plays very good season with Bayern and they have chance of winning CL together with budesliga so he might get a rise...on the other hand Suarez is great player but is not playing for the best team in premier league, and will probably miss both CL and EL.
  19. Re: cassillas or hart??? Hart is good, but do not give casillas for anything...Hart is not going to rise and hardly that he will ever reach 95 rating
  20. Re: Soccer Manager scared to drop Benzema 9 goals and 7 assists in Primera, plus 4 goals in CL and because of that he will stay Fabregas 10 goals and 10 assists in Primera, plus 1 goal in CL, plays regularly for Spain (world and european champs) Rooney 12 goals and 9 assists in Premier league, plus 1 goal in CL they are all playing good and they are playing for good teams that are competing in CL every year...there was a talk that rooney might be looking for a drop because he is scoring less since RVP came, but he is making it up with assists thus having more responsibilities on the court... all in all they have their rating safe and for a good reason if you ask me
  21. Re: cassillas or hart??? casillas all the way, Hart is also good but you don't need him if you have casillas...hart is not going to rise to 93 anyway and casillas will remain at 95
  22. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 is casillas going to drop to 94??
  23. Re: Will Fabregas's position ever include CF©
  24. Re: Will Fabregas's position ever include CF©
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