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  1. Re: why isnt di natale 93? he is an amazing player considering his age but there are many reasons why he will not rise, 35 years, playing for Udinese, not playing either Champions league or Europe league...
  2. Re: Marco Verratti buy him before someone else buys him, huge talent, young and is going to rise
  3. Re: Will Rooney(95) drop? comparing Rooney and Aguero at the moment is funny, aguero has 10 goals and 2 assist this season in 26 games he played, while Rooney has 12 goals and 9 assist in 24 games...so obviously he deserves higher rating, plus United will win premier league
  4. Re: Will Fabregas's position ever include CF©
  5. Ronin


    Re: pato.. i don't think he can...neymar is rated 91 and Pato isn't anywhere near him
  6. Re: gervinho it is hard for a player to go up in a short period after his rating falls, and player needs to play really good to get rating back, and he did not show anything special...played 17 games this season and scored 5 goals. he will stay at 89
  7. Re: kompany and zabaleta gor ramis... zabaleta should rise but kompany will not rise, if you are supposed to give Ramos for those two than I would not do it...Ramos is 95 and those two will never be 95 especially zabaleta...keep Ramos
  8. Re: montolivo? i don't think he will rise
  9. Re: Bale, Suarez, Gotze, Mata, pick 2 Gotze and Bale for sure
  10. Re: Varane 90? fully deserves 90 and much more will come in short period
  11. Re: Bernd Leno or Ter Stegen? Ter Stegen for me
  12. Re: Left Defender i would take gustavo, and also i think Kolarov is very good but he is inconsistent in City which is a problem...what about Alaba and Alba
  13. Re: alex song exchange for players with lower ratings that will rise...for example Isco, Oscar, Pogba
  14. Re: Dani Alves or David Alaba? if he is giving you only Alaba than no, but if you are able to get another young good player with alaba than maybe I would do it...Alves is one of the best DR in the game, so if you don't have suitable substitution for him there is no point in doing the trade...try getting something more from the offer otherwise I wouldn't do it
  15. Re: help were i could improve my team ?
  16. Re: deal or not ? it depends on what you need, Gomez might drop because he is not playing for Bayern but you get James Rodriguez with him who is talented player that will certainly move to a bigger club...on the other hand Cavani is one of the best forwards in the world but will not rise until he goes to a bigger club and his price of 63 million is not helping it
  17. Re: Mata for Silva? I would hold on to Mata, he is very talented player and best player of chelsea and player with most assist in the league this season ...i think he will have 94 in the near future
  18. I want to buy him because of his versatility and ability to play DRL, but since whole season he has played in the midfield is there a chance that he will lose DRL position? what is your opinion?
  19. Re: Buffon Rating Prediction For now i think he will stay, Juve is going to win serie A too
  20. Re: Potential of "The Ox" I would say 92/93
  21. Re: Mandzukic vs Soldado Mandzukic is better
  22. Re: EPL goalkeepers (Begovic, Mignolet or Guzan) Begovic is the best plus he will move to the better club
  23. Re: Goalkeeper (Krul VS De Gea-Courtois) get courtoius, he is better
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