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  1. Re: Falcao does not score in SM !!! he doesn't score for me too but every game at least 1 assist
  2. Re: david silva silva is good, but if you have a chance get Gotze he is younger and playing for the club that is playing very good in CL so he should get +1
  3. Re: Hazard Vs Mata they are both very good and they are both young players with bright future ahead, but i would take Mata since his rating is alredy higher and moreover he plays for much better national team
  4. Re: Jorge Koke, Alarcon Isco or Iker Muniain? Isco by miles
  5. if you had opportunity who would you buy?? Muller is younger but with lower rating, they are both playing very good in a team that is going to win bundesliga and are playing good in european championship. Their price is almost the same so who should I buy???
  6. Re: Dzeko or Lavezzi? I agree with you in one thing...too many ifs ...moreover if manager and owner rated balotelli higher he would play not sit on the bench, so i think you are just guessing too much
  7. Re: How should I get.. COURTOIS, Thibaut LENO, Bernd LEALI, Nicola (long term) SZCZ─śSNY, Wojciech BEGOVIC, Asmir (he is gonna be great, possibly wanted by man. und)
  8. Re: sell muller for gomez and martinez it depeds on your team, if you need good forward and you are covered with good players on attacking midfield and midfield you can take Gomez and Martinez, but on the other hand if you are not in need of forward than i would keep Muller because he is only 23 and if he continues his form he could rise to 94 soon while on the other hand Gomez is on 93 for years now and SM just don't want to increase his rating and they are just finding new excuse (injured, bayern playing poor bla bla bla) so i just gave up believing Gomez will get his deserved 94 rating and Martinez won't rise not playing first team football enough ... If you ask me personally i would keep Muller
  9. Re: Miralem Pjanic or Mario Balotelli i would go for Pjanic any time, he started playing in first 11 for Roma and mark my words will be very important in Roma future unless he goes to even a bigger club, since there were rumors barca want him...go with Pjanic definitely
  10. Re: little help both are really good and hot prospects for the future, but at the moment i think courtouis is better in sense that he is playing very good for atletico madrid which is second in premier league
  11. Re: worried on ya ya toure? sell?? swap?? there were rumors of him even getting +1, but i don't think that will happen. on the other hand i'm sure that he will keep his 93 cause he is class. if you can get some good young prospects for him you can trade him, but don't sell him just for cash
  12. Re: Daniele de rossi hehe thank you guys ...i bought him for carvalho + money so i'm pleased even if his rating drops
  13. Re: Oh Balotelli... didn't do anything this season and is not playing enough so he will stay at 90
  14. Re: Daniele de rossi i hope he will stay, i just bought him
  15. Re: pirlo back to 93? deserves 94 especially because Juve is playing great, but he will get 93
  16. will his rating decrease or stay the same...is he worth buying cause i really need versatile player like him...thanks
  17. Re: Kyle Walker or Martin Kelly thank you guys
  18. even though walker has 89 and kelly 86 who do you think is better to purchase...i need a young defender, if you have any other players in your mind help me
  19. Re: new position if you played football manager you would love it hehehe
  20. Re: Riferimento: marchisio possible but...juventus needs to win scudetto, do good in CL and he must play all the important minutes...but i think that Pirlo will get his 93 back after these changes because he is much better than 92
  21. Re: marchisio i think that he already should have been 92, so it is expected that he will get it in these changes
  22. Re: Vertonghen i'd keep Vertonghen
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