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  1. Re: Hulk for Damiao it really is a tough, Hulk is a good player but stagnating lately moreover all hype about his tranfers ended with him going to Zenit so his rating wont benefit from it...on the other hand damiao great CF and young too, he just got +2 rating to 90 so i'm not sure he will rise more until he goes to better club
  2. Re: Modric for Isco & Mata OMG in which game world you play, I want to join
  3. Re: Balotelli or Lewandowski i'm don't think balotelli will rise, he is inconsisted and not playing so often for city...on the other hand lewandowski could rise
  4. playing good, scored 7 goals already, maybe deserves a rise (yes, no, maybe?) even though liverpool is not so good teams lately...??
  5. Re: The midfielder to get! i think both asamoah and vidal can rise but vidal is better in my opinion...if you can get him do it
  6. Re: The midfielder to get! midfielder to get; asamoah, ramires and vidal
  7. Re: giving Kaka for Gotze I can trade him for Neymar but i need to add 11 mill extra, do you think that he will go to some better club anytime soon??
  8. i started leading Real Madrid in new game world...Kaka is rated 94 at the moment and I think that his rating will go down...i want to exchange him for some good young players like gotze...what do you think, any more suggestions
  9. Re: Luka Modric I also think that he can rise only to 89 in these changes, and if he continues till the end of season he has potential to rise to 91 especially if he changes to better club
  10. Re: Luka Modric yes so...??
  11. Re: Luka Modric he wont rise anytime soon, so if the guy really likes him try getting some players that are young and talented like Gotze, Oscar, Isco etc.. + money
  12. i want to give my pastore for phil jones...i'm not sure that pastore will rise and i have Silva, Ozil and Muller on that position...although phil jones is not getting much playing time lately this should be good move right???
  13. Re: Asamoah or Kevin Prince Boateng asamoah is likely to rise but boateng is very good player i would keep them both...Milan is not playing good so boateng will not rise in these changes but he is still very talented and promising player
  14. Re: in need of good CM thanks guys you really brought to my mind couple of them that I totally forgot i also remembered Paul Pogba he should be star for Juve...
  15. i have yaya toure and i want to buy good CM around 87-90 which will rise and has a talent...i was thinking of buying javi garcia since he is in external club, does someone have some suggestions
  16. Ronin


    Re: Arbeloa i don't think he will rise, much much bigger chance of staying at where he is now
  17. Re: cavani or sanchez? cavani will rise especially if he goes to another club, then he will het better rating than sanchez...but sanchez is quality player too just remember him while he was playing for Udinese he was beast, but in terms of SM cavani will have higher rating soon
  18. Re: Falcao to 94? I know, and it will be +1 not +2 i'm sure (for falcao)
  19. Re: Falcao to 94? hehehe, i agree with you mainly because gomez is just standing waiting for the ball and falcao has more attributes when it comes to controling the ball, in that you are right...but on the other hand I'm so pi*sed that gomez still did not get 94 and he was playing so great for a long time and he deserves 94...on the other hand it is true that gomez is playing with better teammates and falcao does many stuff on his own but that is why i said one plays at athletico one plays at bayern, but the point is scoring goals and gomez is really good at that, and don't get me wrong i'm not saying falcao is not I was comparing these 2 players for SM, in which i hope statistics matter, and in which club you play and in whih NT you play that is way i mentioned all of that...for me gomez should be 94 rated striker that is what i was trying to prove and that it is not fair that falcao gets plus 2 and goes to 94 and gomez stays at 93
  20. Re: Falcao to 94? he is miles better, so he deserves 2 rating up...hmm ok lets see, falcao plays for atheltico madrid while gomez plays for bayer, mario plays for german national team and falcao plays for columbia...gomez did not play in the season 2012/2013 since he is injured, but lets see season 2011/2012 in that season gomez scored 26 goals for bayern and 13 in champions league while falcao scored 24 goals for athletico and 12 in europa league, lets just mention that season before gomez scored scored 28 goals and 8 in champions league...sooo please tell me again that falcao is miles better than gomez
  21. Re: Falcao to 94? bet accepted
  22. Re: Falcao to 94? oooo really, he is not starting because he is injured and you should really look up statistics about mario gomez so you can even compare mandzukic and gomez, and everybody agrees that gomez should have gotten 94 long time ago
  23. Re: Falcao to 94? i think he can get 94 in athletico but he is going to move in next transfer window anyway and in this review he will not get 94 i'm like 99% sure that is just the way SM works
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