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  1. Vlasic, he's been on fire for CSKA. Jesus + Toto, not close.
  2. I'd keep Pogba, none will ever reach his level.
  3. Any idea what's up for review after England? Where's the Italian Wilshere and his magnificent beard to guide us?
  4. Would you rather Manolas and £10 mil or Bonucci?
  5. Anyone else disappointed by Ibrahim Sangare's rise?
  6. I would, I'd rather have Arthur and De Ligt than Jorginho.
  7. Injured atm. Wsn't playing much prior to injury. Would snap up Sancho in a heartbeat.
  8. Apologies, did not see him written as Santos. Great work as always.
  9. Also, how much do you expect Leo Santos of Corinthians to rise?
  10. Gini mate. Thauvin will hit 92. The others will stay as they are for the forseeable future so Thauvin for me. Can u get anyone other than Hakan?
  11. Duo + cash. Maier and Nelson. McT should get a +1 too. Cuisance is one for the future but isn't playing atm. Shaw Bentancur Yes
  12. Casemiro Keep. One of the best midfielders in world football, he'll get his move next summer. If you were to sell, who are your potential replacements?
  13. Yes He'll keep his rating for now, done nothing to show he should increase post-world cup. Oh Id defo make that move for Isco, That's a solid team u got! I'd look to get rid of Di Maria next.
  14. +2 Muriel + Mawson Salvio, on fire for a pretty dire Benfica. Could reach 90 if he carries on like this from now till the review. He may lose his RB position anyways and won't rise either. Try get Johnny Castro Luka 50-50, Hazard 70-30, Auba will drop, de gea will keep the 95. Mendy easily, will be the best LB in the game very soon. Very high on him, hurts me to say this as a united fan. What does 29M get you in your league? I'm inclined to go Isco.
  15. No other keepers available? Adan getting 0 game time with Oblak ahead of him dont see it as a huge step up. Adrian will drop. I'd go Rui. Sell Partey and Ziellinski. Keep the rest. Pellegrini
  16. Alonso Vardy Yeah, no reason for him to drop, won keeper of the tournament at the WC.
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