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  1. No other keepers available? Adan getting 0 game time with Oblak ahead of him dont see it as a huge step up. Adrian will drop. I'd go Rui. Sell Partey and Ziellinski. Keep the rest. Pellegrini
  2. Alonso Vardy Yeah, no reason for him to drop, won keeper of the tournament at the WC.
  3. Ludwig's a full Swedish national team player, his team is currently in the Bundesliga top 4. He's two years younger than Tagliafico and is already on the radar of a number of prem clubs. I'm not big THAT big on Tagliafico. I'd get rid of Hector and Kolasinac. Bernat has a chance to hit 91 given that he's starting for PSG with Kurzawa out for the year. Probably the closest one to Bernat. Alonso and Mendy probs hit 92 end of year. Robertson and Gaya will rise, obvs not to 92.
  4. LUDWIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 50/50 No Would any of the three start for you? I'd be inclined to take Lang.
  5. I'd sell, won't get a chance. Diawara>Zakaria>Carvalho>Parades Told ya, weird league to review though.
  6. If the new database additions are anything to go by, Ukraine (Arsenal/Dynamo/ Shakhtar additions) then it should be up next.
  7. China's not finished yet but Ukraine will be next in line after this is done.
  8. Defo more inclined to buy Woj out of the lot. Appreciate the feedback, Kev.
  9. Pickford and Strakosha yeah. Donna no. Team currently is: De Gea Militao(85) Manolas Chiellni Sandro Koke McCarthy (87) Bale Mbappe Suarez Messi Should deal be taken, can be Areaola/Pickford/Strako/Woj Varane Manolas Chiellini Sandro Koke Vidal Bale Mbappe Suarez Messi 10 milli ITB. More inclined to take it. Gigi short term solution. Got Bijlow, Unai Simon, Florian Muller waiting in the wings. Defo interested to see ur angle tho.
  10. Buffon then everyone else above 90 is taken, next best keeper after Buffon is Szecesney
  11. Suso for me. Chillwell. I'd try get Hamza Mendyl if you havent already.
  12. Who would u rather have, De Gea or Varane + Vidal
  13. Lucas>Ferland>Theo>Saracchi>Tagliafico Ferland and Lucas are interchangeable. Anyone that follows Lyon closely will know how he's the best fullback in Ligue 1. Will be playing in the prem very soon. Yes. I'd buy Insigne. I'd rather Firmino personally. Don't get the fuss around Gabby Jesus. For the december review, yes.
  14. No disrespect, but do you understand what I mean by a lower ceiling? Wilfried is not as technically gifted as the Roma duo nor is he as imposing as Kessie. His room to progress and evolve as a player is a lot less than the other three, I work in football so I think I would know. In my opinion, my opinion being key here, Ndidi has the lowest ceiling and will have the lowest rating out of the lot in 2 years time. If you believe otherwise then I respect that. Who would you sell out of those four?
  15. Kessie plays for a better team and starts. Cristante and Pellegrini are the future of Roma for many years to come. Ndidi, while a very good player, will not significantly rise should he stay at Leicester and has a lower ceiling than the other three. Personally wouldn't sell any but he said he can only keep three. Ndidi has the lowest ceiling out of the lot, for me.
  16. Firpo Olsen Going through it at the moment. 94 overall starting XI, avg age 27, won 18 in a row, now lost 7 out of the last 9, 5 to unmanaged clubs. Was using 4-2-4 most the season, changed to 4-2-3-1 and lost two games, tried 3-5-2 lost 3 games. So I feel ya. Pellegrini. Sell Ndidi.
  17. Yes, don't get the hype if I'm honest with you. Won't drop though. Both are very good. Depends what your money can get you but I'd say yes. What can the over the odds cash get you? Weigl will have to play better than what he is to get a rise so if there are better alternatives around, cash in. Re: Kompany and Silva, 50-50 for both. Re Silva and Modric, Silva no chance of a rise. Modric is 50-50.
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