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  1. Is Brahimi keeping his 91? Would you rather have Kane or Koke + Brahimi?
  2. Highly unlikely, think this is the peak for Casemiro. Sule>Laporte>Dier Dutch will be around March, Turkey not sure.
  3. Expected to make his comeback this weekend, max next weekend. Id hold fire for now considering the review wasn't too long ago, incase u need the cash for something else?
  4. Jorginho if ur in this short term. Long term, really like the look of Arthur. Zaha's ceiling is 90 whilst at Palace tho.
  5. I think he'll stay. SM are more cautious of rising players over thirty. Won't go down a ton either because he's still starting for an elite team
  6. Combines last year and first games of this season. It's a once a year review.
  7. Stay, SM are quite lenient with rating drops (if any is given) when a player is injured. Took Giuseppe Rossi like 2 years to drop, Marchisio same. He'll be fine.
  8. 1) Bailey easily eyes closed. 2) I would. Fabian Ruiz. 3) Fornals 4) Yes
  9. Aubameyang won't drop. I would, however, do that swap deal. Try extract some cash with it but it's a win for you. Early days re:Mina, he's yet to play for Everton.
  10. Borja Garćes Moreno (19) made his Atletico Madrid debut today and scored. Thought to be the next Fernando Torres. Keep your eyes peeled for him. Meanwhile, Segunda review began. Any recommendations re:risers?
  11. Mendy easy. He's going to be a top 3 LB in the world.
  12. Yes because it's considered to be a "small league" hence being reviewed only once a year.
  13. Still awaiting my Alexis Claude-Maurice rise so certainly hope not over.
  14. Appreciate it @Middle_Finger, tried to do the right thing and point some people in the right direction. Obviously some don't take well to it but no worries. Will continue posting what I see fit so long as it helps others. Stones. Come on leaps and bounds this year. Pep's CB of the future. With all due respect mate, it's their problem not mine. IF they're in a competitive GW and are really worried about a certain player, they should log in every day. If they lose them because they weren't on then that's their issue. I missed out on Mbappe and Jesus amongst others due to SM Forum but that's okay because for every one you miss, someone points out another hidden gem, I'm not whining about it. I posted about David 4 days after he was added. Beyer after a day and a half. Both are enough for someone to see them. I don't lose anything by waiting a week but seeing how multiple people contribute on here, I try to make sure I input my fair share. @Sir Rahul, @Soccahappy and other members do a great job of keeping this thread live in what is now a dead forum.
  15. That's the whole point of this thread, to mention players that may be risers. Idk about you but I'd rather share information rather than hoard it. Don't get what your issue is. It's not the first time I've suggested new additions to the database or potential risers on this thread. I waited 36 hours before I posted his name. Did the same with Jonathan David too among others. 36 hours is more than enough to get the first bid in.
  16. I don't get whether you're being sarcastic or not but no one is saying that. He could turn out to be a very good player down the line, looked impressive in their game against Leverkusen, but at the very least he could be a nice moneymaker come January reviews for managers on a limited budget should he keep his spot in the XI.
  17. Louis Beyer of Monchengladach has been added to the database. Started the first two games of the season in the league and played in the cup too.
  18. I would for David. 4 in 4 games in the league and 2 in 4 in Europa. Gonna be big.
  19. I'd keep both. If you're strapped for cash I'd sell McTominay. Tielemans
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