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  1. Re: MOTTA, Thiago he'll keep it bruv but who is the younger player?
  2. Re: HELP Modric and bale for who? aight bro it depends on who he is offering ya. Luka modric a probable stay as he is pushing for the chelsea move, garath bale should rise given he keeps his form. who is he willing to give u?
  3. Re: **free agency tracker** ok guys look john arne riise has no club intrest wat so ever and he is still with roma -.- any ideas why that might have happend?
  4. according to soccermanager this player is retiering although he plays for orlando city. It also says his club is currently shrewsbury which it is not Where do i file in a bug report or whatever their called to fix this error. Rumored that preston were after him. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRICIATED links http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Neal
  5. Re: Colombia Review repped mate fab review
  6. Re: replacement for fabregas only the ones in bold
  7. Re: Striker help!!! cheers mate, is there a chance cassano could go down if i got him?
  8. Re: Park + £3Mil for Ashley Young?? park at an age of 31 has entered his prime and 91 is as high as he can go whereas young can rise since he is at an age of 25.he didnt rise alot last season beacause of his team not making the european places and the rating limit for teams not in europe is a 91. At united he should suceseed i ould pick him over park anyday. He only has a gd year or 2 in him young has another 5-6 years
  9. hello I currently have 15 million left and i need to buy a top notch striker for my 3rd division derby county.I have the option between Antonio CASSANO(91)-----> 8mil Quagillarella(91)----->12 mil Gilardino(91)---->12 mil klose(91)----> 8 mil vucinic(92)---->14.2 mil lavezzi(91)-----> 13.3 mil gervinho(90)--->12 mil sow(90)----> 12 mil any help will be appriciated
  10. sorry I place this question in the wrong section
  11. Re: Must buy players from the upcoming ratings! ok mate look i would say keep him if you really want to trade him swap him for hernandez who is defo 90. 91 ruled out cuz of that terrible cl final performance tho:mad:
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... what do you think of lucho? should i offload him now? will he drop?
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