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  1. hi guys check this game out its realy cool wargames2.0 its a war sim game where u run every aspect of your country taxes economy fight battles for land spy build nukes cruises chems spy sats u can join alliances its turn based and totaly free check it out guys its cool u wont be disipointed i can promise u that heres the link http://www.wargames2.net/GameIndex.aspx enjoy im 77763 joker... in game put my id in on registration and we both get a bonus:)
  2. Re: Nani goal vs Tottenham Hotspurs gomezes fault not nanni:)
  3. Re: Soccer Players... Look-a-Like Thread cant get images up but rooney and shrek lol
  4. Re: Best Football Player 2010 ?? rooney man
  5. Re: Biggest Footballing Upset of all Time?? when man u lost 4 nill to west ham:(
  6. Re: Who is The Best Forward? rooney hes got it all
  7. Re: What is the future for Premier League Players/Teams? 1 word bleak
  8. Re: I need a rant - If you are passionate, have a look... yeah does get on ya nerves
  9. Re: Best player in the world when rooney is in for its him without a doubt.
  10. bmc9112

    man u to win

    manu will win the prm leagye by 4 points;)
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