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  1. I have ibrahimovic and have been counter offered ibrahimovic and £10m for Rvp. Would you do this deal? I have cavani and Suarez as back up. Many thanks in advance
  2. Re: Help CB Varane from real Madrid
  3. Would you do this deal? De Rossi I believe will drop but kagawa is a gem Thanks in advance
  4. Re: Subotic for £20 Million? given that dortmund have won the league this year i believe its pretty much nailed on for a 92...and for £20m he's a bargain:)
  5. Re: Villa for Gomez? would take gomez...villa has been injured for some time now and at the moment you will not find a better striker than gomez the man is on fire!!!!
  6. Re: Daniele de rossi for Luka modric? thanks for your help!!! think i will hold on till the season ends or wait to see if spurs get champions league football which is 50/50 at the moment with newcastle flying at the moment....i think if they dont get CL then modric will be off and depending on where he goes he might have a chance to get to 94....De rossi hasnt been a solid 94 for some time now with Roma going through a change process...this again could now be stable as Roma have the chance to get CL next season.
  7. Been offered a swap my de rossi for his modric...so i would be getting modric. Not sure on this one...im 50/50 any help would be great. Thanks in advance
  8. I have Cech..was thinking of swapping him for Lloris as not sure how Cech will fair now? any help appreciated.
  9. Re: Lavezzi+Gustavo=Pedro? Noooooo...dont do the deal lavezzi will be a 92 in the next couple of ratings and the way things are going with pedro he will end up going down a rating to 92...pedro has also been dropped from the spain squad for the next national fixture along with torres.
  10. At the moment i have Sahin..but recently jose came out and said that he has too many midfielders to be able to play them all....Khedira had been getting game time over Sahin before his injury..And now Granero has been playing while Khedira has been out...so it seems its Sahin who jose doesnt want to play? would be interested to know why if anyone can help? im stuck between a rock and a hard place as to swap or keep hold of sahin as he is an exceptional player when played but if he continues to not get game time he will be a 90 in the next couple of changes.
  11. Been offered a deal to swap my petr cech for joe hart and £5m.....was 50/50 about doing the deal as Cech will not rise any further and with the form of Chelsea at the moment he could keep dropping where as Hart should be a 92 in the next couple of ratings and Man city are flying in the league... any help would be appreciated thanks
  12. Re: Pedro for Di Maria thanks everyone...got him in time and di maria has gone to a 93...happy days!!
  13. been offered a striaght swap i would get di maria...is this a good deal for me.. thanks in advance
  14. At the moment i have Drogba and have the opportunity to swap him for Pato or G Rossi??? not sure who to get and when as i know drogba will drop -1 in the next ratings... Was set on getting Rossi but he is now out injured for 6 months...was hoping he would increase to 93.... any help would be great.....thanks in advance
  15. Rasta10


    Need some help please...one of the managers in my league is using our work colleagues to take over teams then sell him the best players....quite a few of the lads at work have played in our league at some point then gave it up. After a few transfer im starting to get annoyed so what do i do?? Please help Thanks
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