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  1. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I took a break from Fifa last year and didn't bother with 14. Because of this, I can't use the Web app til full release. Even though I have a Fifa 15 account because I've been playing early access. Missing out on a load of daily gifts.
  2. Re: Squad Sizes I can see why people who have amassed a large squad over a number of years would be upset, but at the end of it all, there is no need or justification to have 250+ players in your team. Squad cap should be 75 max. I hope it is brought in as standard when new GW's are opened in the future. If you argue there would be no benefit, you're talking absolute nonsense. More players available means more people in the GW.
  3. Re: Players hogging and collecting I agree that player hogging is some what of a problem and an irritant, but I can also see it would be unfair to managers that have spent years building up their teams, to have their squads ripped apart. I would however be in favour of adding a squad cap of around 50/60 for all new games worlds that are to be created in future.
  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I haven't played UT in a while now and am considering just selling off all my cards. I have 2 teams, both are German/Bundesliga/Dortmund in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation. How accurate are the prices of FUTWIZ? I'm considering selling everything based on the prices shown there, because I haven't got time to scout the market.
  5. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? In my opinion, Tactics have little impact on the game at all. I have decent squads and I haven't used any tactics for well over 18 months. I keep the same formation 4-4-1-1 always...This goes for all of my teams. 9/10 I'll beat the weaker teams, but you always get an upset now and again. Especially in SMFA games.
  6. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 As there seems to be a consensus that the ratings are quite generous this time round, is here a case Vidal should have gotten a +2?
  7. Re: Game World News Feed - updated I like that we can now make comments, but the Newsfeed/Club messages section is still very large, and dominates the page. I would prefer the League tables/schedule/transfers to be on top. The Newsfeed is a good addition, but there's lots of unnecessary stuff in there and it would be more pleasing on the eye if you were to remove the icons completely. A few people have already mentioned they'd rather not hear about x player being sold for 10k... Could we not have it so the Default setting shows nothing? and then you can use the drop down menus to select what stuff you want to read? Thanks for listening to our feedback!
  8. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Did you take out the Gold Management 12 months ago?
  9. Re: Strange transfer activity If the club he bought from was unmanaged, then theres no foul pay there. Also, the chairman of the unmanaged clubs may value Erikson and Mirallas more if he has a lack of depth in those areas of his squad already. Entirely plausible mate.
  10. Re: Statistical Appearances Anyone else think that SM have made some sort of mess up and SMFA games are counting towards appearances and concerns? I was looking at a few of my players, and one or two should really be concerned based on the amount of league/cup games they've played, but if you add in their SMFA games, they would be fine.... Concerns on the whole have been pretty relaxed for a while now. I can't say I've had any. Also, SM have updated the 'games played' popup when you hover over a player to include the SMFA games. I dont see why they would do this all while we've been asking for it to show only the relevant games. Thoughts?
  11. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld I'd like to throw my hat in, if at all possible. I've only ever played in standard GW's and have been thinking about joining some sort of funky setup for a while.
  12. Re: Players Positions Poll If someone quits playing a (*Free)football manager game over this then I'd say they really need to have a word with themselves. The concerns issue was fixed a few weeks back and I haven't been having any problems since.
  13. Re: a heads up on the new external/unmanaged loans feature! Good idea. Will stop managers buying players for the sake of it, knowing they can just loan them out and not pay the wages. Some managers I've seen have loaned over 30 players. That is ridiculous.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm buying.... Might be a silly question, but... Falcao or Higuain? Just thinking that Falcao is cheaper, and nailed on for a 93 over the next 6 weeks, and possibly has a slight outside chance of hitting 94. Higuain to stay at 94? What do you guys think?
  15. ... Which will enable managers to adjust the transfer/loan/youth team status of players on mass. It is very fiddly and clunky having to go through each player individually to add them to the loan list. If there was a system where you could just check off a bunch of names, and then add them all at the same time, it would be of much convenience. Same thing applies to setting transfer status to 'Available', 'Unavailable' and sending players to the 'Youth team' Wouldn't be a hard thing to implement, and would make things a bit easier for those who manage a lot of teams.
  16. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Anyone else think some of the pack you get are slightly fixed? When Fifa 13 came out, I was on it constantly. I bought loads of pakcs through trading and buying Fifa points, and out of 100+ packs I got a Marcelo, RVP and Buffon... I stopped playing about 3 weeks ago, Didn't use the web app or anything, then I play 1 game, and buy 1 premiuim gold Pack, and what do you know it, and IF. It's like they're giving me a taster to pull me back in.
  17. Re: Limit The Number of Players Yeah, this loaning from unmanaged clubs and the fact that concerns seem to be a little more relaxed will mean that some managers will buy even more players knowing they can send them out on loan and not lose thousands in wages. As one hole is fixed, another one will open.
  18. Re: Should i swap vidic for hummels? Strengthens my point even further then
  19. Re: Limit The Number of Players I'd be happy with a capped First team at say 25, and then Youth team capped at 50. 75 players per club is more than enough for anyone, even those who wish to constantly recycle risers to build profit. There's a massive difference between buying youth to sell and make a profit, to hogging players to the point where they'll never get a game, just so someone else can't have them. This change won't happen with any pre existing GW's, it would be unfair to all the people who've spent hours on their teams, but I would like to see it added as an option for future GW's.
  20. Re: Should i swap vidic for hummels? I hope you got more than just Hummels in exchange for Rooney. It's hard to find good CB's but Rooney is 95 and probably will be for years to come. Hummels is on the rise, but Rooney is already there. ( not talking about his real life form, but I believe he will be consistently 94/95 based on his name) *Edited for a school boy error
  21. Re: Players Positions Poll I don't know what to say to you. Read the help section on positions. It doesn't mention anything about 'Primary' or 'secondary' positions. it just says they will play best if the indicator is green. As far as the 2 players being shown in the way they are - Maybe its something to do with how they were added onto the database first time round. I don't know. But they'll play the same regardless. I don't have examples but read the thread, but I'm pretty sure SM haven't gone to the bother of doing all this for nothing. As being rumoured, the are changes coming to the tactics, which will probably be linked the the positional changes.
  22. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Players Positions Poll
  23. Re: Riferimento: Players Positions Poll There are no first or secondary positions. They will play the same regardless if the circle is green. I think that is partly why they brought this system in. The other benefit is that now some players can play in more than 2 positions.
  24. Re: Players Positions Poll Whilst I admit that the new format is confusing, if you haven't figured it out by now then you're an idiot.
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