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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? who should I Buy AM/wing Jeremy Menez or Borges Willian? CM Wilson Palacios or Tino Costa Cheers
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? GW is swamped, money is tight. Not seen much of these play personally, looking for opinions on whether a rise/stay is likely should I buy?: Tino Costa Jose Sosa Kevin GrossKreutz Aleksandr Anyukov Wilson Palacios? Should I sell: Miguel Danny Tranquillo Barnetta Heiko Westerman Pablo Hernandez All comments appreciated
  3. Re: Add shortlist as a tab on the squad page Where can you find anything on future ratings outside of the forums?? I don't see the relevance in what your saying! I tend to stick lots of players on the shortlist, then I like to look at my squad and see where I can improve. being able to switch between tabs instead of opening a new browser aids this. That is all.
  4. Re: Add shortlist as a tab on the squad page Anyone that would confuse their own squad with their shortlist is a moron Agreed, their different things, but It's annoying to have seperate windows open for squad and shortlist when theying to compare. I think the benefits of this outweigh the potential problems (there arent any)
  5. Re: Add shortlist as a tab on the squad page LOL, thanks for that ^^^. My thoughts exactly. Nothing to do with being lazy. it's to do with having everything in front of you and not having to reopen windows. Wrong side of the bed?
  6. I dunno if this has been asked for before. I did search but couldn't find anything. Would it be possible to add a tab for your shortlist on the squad page where you already have the youth team/reports etc tabs? Just makes it easier to switch between your current squad and potential players without having 2 windows open. Apologies if this has been done before.
  7. Re: Swiss Super League "Super Risers" Any idea when these rises might happen? Repped BTW
  8. Likely to drop or stay at 89? Can't see a rise.
  9. Been managing West Brom for a little while now. Have very little money and the GW is stacked so players are limited/ Starting 11 4-3-3 wingers Eduardo Rafinha Hummels Westermann Filipe Momo Sissoko S.Kiessling W. Brama Barnetta Suarez Danny Wondering how long Danny, Kiessling, Barnetta and Pablo Hernandez will stick at 90, and wether they are looking to rise or fall? Also, can anyone give me some predicitions on Diego Costa Jonathan Biabiany Stephane M'Bia Nicolas Lombaerts Brama Martin Caceres Filipe MRafinha Westermann M.Jovanovic Bojan Many thanks!
  10. Hey guys, Thought I'd get involved with the forum after one of my mates showed me the awesome player prediction threads and how useful they are. Been managing West Brom since july in a GW full of some mates and have recently taken over Newcastle in another. Since I've started I think SM has become my most visted website. Can't get enough. Cheers!
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