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  1. Re: Grand theft auto V RQEOwEBvC-M Well I think I just wet myself a little. Looks stunning. And DOGS!
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... positional cover in not an issue: Who to sell? Y Toure W Sneijder Who to buy? A Robben B Schweinsteiger Many thanks
  3. Currently using him in one of my setups but I'm concerned about how long he will continue to play.... Manuel Neuer has become available in one of my setups so I could replace him, but his resale value will be a third of Neuer#s so I'll be losing out.. Also, money is very tight (small club), and I've got my eye on a few other players that I'd like to get. Can anyone offer an opinion on how long he will continue to play. Has he said how long he like to go on for?
  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread With all the talk of UT players prices dropping around Christmas, I thought I'd ask if it's worth selling my 1st and 2nd teams now, then buying them back later? I'm not planning on playing it for a while because of other things going on. Will I make much selling now and re-buying? My teams: First 11 Second 11
  5. Re: Reserving a Club. I had this a few months ago when I bought a Real Madrid team in a new WC. There was about 20 new managers at level 40 who never logged back into the gameworld after the first day and were subsequently booted after 31 days. The clubs were then taken up by real people, so I wouldn't worry too much about that at the minute. IT'll even itself out. My guess was it was one person creating duplicate accounts, and SM banned him.
  6. Re: Manager and Scout Reports The Scout and Manager reports are pretty pointless, but again, we see people here getting totally worked up about it. It's really pathetic. If you don't want to use the reports (And I include myself in that), Don't click them. It's as simple as that. No biggie. SM is a business... A business has to try and make as much money as possible. Thats the whole point. If it doesn't appeal to you, don't bother with it.
  7. Re: New player positions! They've cleaned it up a bit now. Takes about 5 mins to get used to and understand. I'd say theres more benefits to it than negatives. So I'm Happy with it.
  8. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Currently using Gebre Selassie as RB in my second string Bundesliga side. I'm thinking of swapping him for Rafinha as his stats are a little better. Is Rafinha any good in game? Gebre Selassie has pace, but not much else going for him.
  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Does anyone else use 4-1-2-1-2 in UT and feel that they don't get much out of their CAM? I have Gotze in that role, and he always seems to disappear in games. Are there any custom formations that will improve this?
  10. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Wow, I was devestated blowing 60k on packs last week. I'd probably cry if I spent 700k... I'll never have that amount of coins anyways...
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread No luck with pack buying last night. I'm getting quite bored of my UT team now. Thinking of selling the lot and starting over. Prices have dropped so much now that I'd most likely lose out and end up with a weaker team. My only hope is to pull something decent in a pack. I want either a Robben, Ribery or Schweinsteiger to complete my team and ill be happy. Little chance of that happening though
  12. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Missed the Happy Hour on packs between 6-7, Typical.
  13. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I hate when I have around 5000 coins, I'm tempted to buy a standard Gold pack, but I never do. I'll always play that little bit longer and get the premium. But in the end I only pull average players... It's a vicous cycle. I must have opened 70+ packs, the only standouts I've had are Buffon and RVP which sell between 60-70k each Anyone been super lucky?
  14. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Does anyone use the FUT Web App any on any sort of Tablet? Kindle Fire? IPad, Google Nexus etc? Just wondering if it's accessible and user friendly? also can you tinker with your squad?
  15. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Is it better to buy Gold packs or Premium Gold packs to pick up TOTW players?
  16. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I ended up picking up Reus at CF. It was a few thousand cheaper and I still get 100% chemistry so all is good
  17. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Yeah. I think I'll have to. Otherwise There isn't anyone else I can buy and I'll end up opening packs. Maybe I could get Lahm, but I have Piszceck already, and I think he's great so I want to keep him. I noticed a Reus last night that went for around 28k (I didn't have the coins then), but now I'm looking they're all 35k+. I'm using 4-1-2-1-2 as well, which doesnt help :\ Futwiz has Reus at around 29k right now, so I'll hold out for a bit.
  18. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I got lucky and opened a pack with RVP last night so I know have some money to spend on my German/Bundesliga team, I'm way short for a Robben or Ribery. I have about 75k so I was thinking of picking up Reus to play alongside Gomez, I currently start with Gomez/Lewandowski So.. How much better is Reus compared to Lewandowski?
  19. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Can't believe we've got the Trade Pile problem again (Xbox) Had a day off work so was hoping to do some trading
  20. Re: Is there a specific forum for each league or world? http://forum.soccermanager.com/forumdisplay.php?f=19
  21. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I got the 50 packs achievement today and I cant Say I've got anyone of note at all Gold, Silver or Bronze. My best find was an Esswein, purely because I was building a German side. Pretty average on the whole. I'd love a Robben or Schweinsteiger but I'l never be able to afford either. I've played a hel of alot of matches so I'm pretty comfortable with the team. I've had a lot of fun.
  22. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Anyone playing online with their Pro? I've played quite a bit and I'm getting increasingly frustrated with quitters. In H2H And seasons, quitting means a DNF and a loss, but in online pro, there doesn't seem to be any consequences. I had a blinder last night, scored a couple of volleys and got a few pop ups during the game (finishing +1, Volleys +2 etc) then the guy quit, I went to check my accomplishments, and the ones I had just unlocked are now locked again! This is really disappointing and counter productive. The better you are in game and the more stuff you unlock, the more chance your opponent will quit and you lose the unlocked stuff! EA need to sort this out. Whatever you achieve in game should remain, even if the opponent quits.
  23. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Back into UT after getting though career for the last week or so. I have around 15k and I want to try and double it by tomorrow. I've never be known to make any great amount of coint in UT, so any advice from the veterans would be welcomed.. Any tips on who is turning a nice profit at the minute?
  24. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread If that's the case then that is rubbish. I wouldn't have picked Wales if I knew that.
  25. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread How long before you get called up for international duty in a Pro Career? I'm currently 20 years old, rated 82 and in my second season currently at Real Madrid, and I've not heard a thing yet. Don't think I'd have too much problem getting into the team - my nationality is Welsh!
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