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  1. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I'm having a ridiculous amount of freezing with this game. Multiple times in both career and ultimate team, usually just after a match ends. Starting to annoy me now. Anyone else?
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Anyone got any players in their trade pile that they just can't seem to get rid of? I have 3 that I've had up since friday. I'm selling the first 2 at 600-800 and Schafer at 400... but even those prices don't seem to stir any interest. I'm refusing to quick sell them. Bruno Cesar CAM 79. Best Atributes - 78 Pace, 81 shooting, 80 dribble Briand RW 77. Best attributes - 88 Pace. 76 Shooting Schafer LM 76. Best attributes - 77 Pace. 70 passing. I have around 15k left and I can't really afford anyone of note. I was thinking about buying some packs to see if I get anything decent, but I'd begrudge spending 15k on ****. Not sure what to do.
  3. Re: FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Squad Thread I'm not sure what to do next. I could pick up a Khedira, Martinez or Klose quite cheaply, but I feel it would be a waste of coins. I can't afford any of the top strikers as it stands so I'll be waiting a while before I do much else with the team. Pretty happy with it overall though.
  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I had my career file freeze earlier after I had activated the 'new owner cash injection' I bought from the Ea FC catalogue, when I loaded back up the cash injection was gone. I strated a new career and I haven't been awarded it. Lost forever I presume. Apparently you get it once per season so hopefully I'll get it back when the new season starts.
  5. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I've just played one game with Muller and I bagged a few goals with him. and like his general play overall... I think he's a keeper. I've managed to solve the probem anyways, I'm going to pay them both. Muller at CAM and Gotze at LM. It doesnt seem to make any difference to my Chemistry so I'm fine with that. I was going to use the money to buy Reus at ST to accompany my Lewandowski. I have Esswein and Kiessling also and they fair pretty well for me so maybe I won't get Reus after all.
  6. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Who to keep at CAM, Muller or Gotze?
  7. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Yeah, sorry. It's already edited
  8. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I'm looking for advice if someone could help. In UT I bought Gotze for 13k on Friday and have been using him in CAM. Today I picked up Muller for 9k because it seemed like a good deal. Now I need to sell one of them. Who goes for the most and who is the better player?
  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I just picked up a special Kevin De Bruyne with shooting of 90. What sort of price do these things go for?
  10. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread After a few daily Bronze packs I got 2500 coins today. Nice surprise. I managed to finish of my squad. This is probably what I'll be starting wih unless I get some good players in free packs before friday. I'm quite happy with this though. Any thoughts/suggestions on improvements?
  11. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread How much will 'coins' be on the marketplace when the game is out?
  12. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I never knew you didn't have to have a manager. That's helpful! Sorry to sound thick, but can you give me some more info on these 'hybrid teams' and what they entail. Again, I'm new to UT. Thank you all for the advice.
  13. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread I'm quite new to UT, how the hell are some people making so much money? I really struggle to make anything but a few hundred coins a day. This is what I've been able to come up with so far... It's not great by any stretch. I have a few players up for auction, but they won't bring much. I'm down to my last 150 coins too. What is the minimum you can get away with whilst still achieving 100% chemistry? I'd like to branch out into other leagues/nationalities, but I want to maintain a good chemistry. Also I'm really struggling to find a German 4-1-2-1-2 Manager. Really enjoying it though. Can't wait for the full game.
  14. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Does and know when the UT iPhone app will be out? Im a noob to UT. I've made a few bad decisions so far. I quick sold most of my bronze and silvers, and after checking this thread, I had a few that could have brought in a nice profit, had I not rushed into it. I sold a Kieran Richardson for 1000 and picked up a Canales for 300. Missed out on Sven Bender for 350 by about 2 seconds also. This is great fun though.
  15. Re: Hart vs Neuer Ah forget it. Not worth it.
  16. Re: Reviving the love of the game - the solution Is is far too harsh. You might not respond to a bid because you might be waiting to see the results of one of your own bids. Being blocked from the GW is ridiculous. 1 day? Have some patience.
  17. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II) I'd also like to ask how Erik Lamela has been doing? and whether he's likely to rise next time around?
  18. Re: Hart vs Neuer I think currently, it's a very tough call. Long term though, I'd favour Neuer because of his chances Internationally.
  19. Re: *Devs - Do SMFA games count toward reducing concerns? Please clarify* Thank you very much!
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