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  1. The help section now indicates that only games that reduce fitness work towards reducing concerns, but it has been the understanding for a long time that SMFA games do count. Please clarify this important point. I believe many people are asking the same question as it is not completely clear. Many thanks.
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread In an attempt to get used to Tactical defending, I spent last night playing as much as I can. I'm finding things a lot easier, I'm no longer constantly changing player and chasing down everything as I was before. It's way more beneficial to let my team mates do some of the leg work, and win back possession as I wait for a pass. Most importantly, I've realised that using Jockey to line up a tackle really helps too. The game feels much more satisfying playing this way. I really can't wait for this now. With manager mode and UT. I'm not gonna have much time for anything else.
  3. Re: How to fix the finance situation! I agree with your points, but 100 players is far too much still. I'd be happy with a 25 man squad. 30 at a push. No One needs more than that.
  4. Re: How to fix the finance situation! Squad capping is the way forward, as is Limiting the number of highly rated players allowed in your squad. I've played this game for a long time and when I started I was one of the those people who would try and pick up anybody 91+, just for the sake of it. We've all been in game worlds where 2-3 clubs own pretty much all the talent, and all the upcoming talent... There is absolutely no fun is playing this way. Reducing the number of 90+ players allowed in any squad to 18 would go a long way towards stopping this. The trouble is, SM and it's fundamentals have been the same for many years. I can't see how they could make any big changes to the way things work without redoing the whole thing.
  5. Re: Statistical Appearances he was disagreeing. According to the help section, SMFA games aren't going to count anymore. They said themseleves they had changed some of the rules. I don't believe that they made an error in what they wrote. When they think about it, SMFA games should not in anyway be related to concerns because the manager doesn't always have a say in who makes the team... Not everyone is a gold manager remember. It seems it's just League, Cups and shield games that count.
  6. I have recently taken Barrow Town in a new CG. I have a load of 10k players who are rated 60-70, that I'm looking to sell to trim the fat and the wages. I Cant see any managed clubs wanting them, will external clubs bid for them? and if so, will it take weeks before I start to get bids? Just wondering if it's worth keeping them because of the wages, seeing as 3 weeks wages is pretty much their sell on value.
  7. Re: Statistical Appearances From the help-
  8. Re: Statistical Appearances Yes, I think it's important that it shows the total number of games played (league,cup,shield) that work towards concerns. SMFA games shouldn't be included, because they don't count.
  9. Re: player concern troubles http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=124018 Have a look at that mate.
  10. Re: Player concerns - constructive suggestions If you play 3-5-2, you only need 3 defenders, and the game would regcognise that... But I can also see that it's not really a viable option when you look at it.
  11. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) The clarification is helpful, but it doesn't address lots of the questions that have been asked. The simplest way would be to just reduce the percentage that players need to play to not get concerned. Something like 60%-65% for first teamers would be more manageable.
  12. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Thank you, mate.
  13. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) A question I have: In one of my setup's, I have 2 players that can play at LB. They are:- G. Chiellini (94) CB/LB A. Sandro (87) LB/LM Now my question is, does Sandro Consider himself first choice LB because that is his first choice position. Or does Chiellini consider himself a starter because he's rated higher? Does the primary/secondary status have any impact on the concern system? In my situation, I'm obviously going to play Chiellini as much as I can and fit Sandro in cup games and as a sub a few times. I just hope that's enough to keep him happy.
  14. Re: David Villa If money is no option, I'd pick him up. If he drops, it'll only be by 1 point, so you've still got a highly rated forward. You will be looking at a loss if you decide to sell him at a later stage though.
  15. Re: The Transfer List Problem- Solution? I'd like to be able to bid for 2 players from the same team, in exchange for 1 of my own (obviously providing my 1 player is worth the equivilent of the 2 I'm bidding for). I know you can do this when making a counter offer, but it would be nice to do it outright, with External clubs.
  16. Re: reserving gold club It's because someone has reserved them before you did.
  17. Re: Free Agent Pablo Hernandez, Is he Worth It ? I think Hernandez is probably worth a punt. I've had him previously in a few setups and he's always done the business. I think he will do ok at Swansea where I think he will slot straight in with the kind of football they're currently playing. He's a consistent 90 IMO.
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Kaka in a swap for Mascherano. Who is getting the better deal?
  19. Re: RM or RB 90/91 Cesar Azpilicueta Gregory Van Der Wiel Lukasz Piszczek Might be worth a look.
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