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  1. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread

    New Tottenham manager here.

    Just thought I'd let you know Gerrard and I had a falling out and he'll be leaving the club because of it.

    If any of you are interested, p/e is the way to go. Otherwise, I'll be using him as a bargaining chip for another midfielder of the same characteristics.

    In either case, don't hesitate to contact our sporting manager Alessio Secco to make a bid.

    May you all have a good week.

    Update: Alessio Secco has been fired. Contact me directly.

  2. Hey!

    So, I've been away for a while (since 2011) and decided to come back and check out SM once again. I started managing a team in WC 10000 yesterday and found myself a little lost in the new UI - new as in new to me. I guess I'll figure most things out by fiddling around but there's a couple of things I'd like your help with.

    In SM's help section, I read about a supposed schedule for rating changes that I can't seem to find anywhere. Also, speaking about rating changes, I remember there used to be a player database ratings tab in the Gameworld section that would tell you all the latest changes in this department; guess it's gone?

    Any help with these issues or any other major change would be greatly appreciated. Anyhow, it's good to be back and hopefully I'll run into a familiar name while I'm here.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Lampard = Alonso + 3.343M

    I know the amount is strange but thats what he offered me for Lampard. That deal looks rather enticing to me. After Lampard' date=' I have Kaka. And a host of other 92/91 rated wingers that can play as an AM. After Essien, I will have Alonso as my DM. My other DM right now is Y.Toure.

    To me, this seems like a good deal. But I don't know how Alonso is doing in the La Liga.

    Could someone help me on this?


    Alonso > Lampard in SM and in real life IMO. I'm surprised the manager has offered money on top of the Spaniard for Lampard.

  4. Re: Loans

    In the six months ive been playing why havent i had any of my available loan players taken?? :confused:

    i understand most loan players are of low rating or young. as the reason for them being up for loan. as in RL.. So most managed clubs would not be interested. Why cant computer controlled clubs ask/take out loans??:confused:

    i feel this needs to be improved as this game is close to real life. but at this rate how can anyone build on future teams/players without this?:confused:

    There's a simple reason why unmanaged/external teams don't make loan bids - They would encourage player hoarding.

    Managers would avoid lack-of-games concerns by loaning out their players to unmanaged teams, and would therefore avoid selling them.

    The idea of loans isn't to benefit the benefactor club but instead help the small team asking for the loan.

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Wow' date=' 3 different answers. Thanks for the help anyway fellas.

    From what I have heard, Chantome plays regularly for PSG and is looking at a 90 atleast. Any French experts ?

    Hence the thought of swapping Barry or Lucas for Vidal. But seeing as neither would go down in the immediate future, I am in a bit of a mix.[/quote']

    I'd trade any of the players you mentioned for Vidal. I picked Barry first simply because he's relatively close to 31 and will start loosing monetary value because of it.

    Lucas has finally found his form at Liverpool and if he keeps it up, he could be on his way to higher ratings.

    Chantome, is performing regularly for PSG (5 starts & 2 sub appearances in 9 games) and is a safe 89 with an outside chance of 90 if PSG manage to stay on top (a little more game time would also help).

    So, in all fairness, Barry is the only player I don't see improving; hence the advice to trade him for Vidal.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I play with Barry' date=' Lucas as my CM"s with Chantome as their replacement. Should I be swapping anyone of them for Vidal, especially the starting 2 ?[/quote']

    I personally see Vidal as the best player mentioned. He seems to have what it takes to become a Juve & Serie A star. I'd give G. Barry away in a heartbeat.

    With Man City at the top of the table Joe Hart is destined for 92 in december changes right?

    He's a probable riser' date=' though I wouldn't say he's destined for a 92 - SM have done weirder things in the past.

    Is Kenneth Zohore not rising? so should I sell him? :confused:

    With 5 starts and 15 sub appearances so far, he should be rising on minutes alone.

    Im a bit stuck ' date=' Ive been offered Yaroslav RAKYTSKIY for S├ębastien CORCHIA and Fredik sorensen from juventus.

    I know all 3 are really good talents but I would I be giving too much away for Rakytskiy :)

    All help is apprecated :)[/quote']

    Seems like a fair deal. Corchia is starting for Sochaux and should rise because of it. Sorensen, on the other hand, will have a lot of problems playing in the RB position now that Lichtsteiner is settled; He could, however, get some minutes as a CB (his preferred position), considering Juve only have Chiellini, Bonucci and Barzagli there.

    I'd keep Corchia and Sorensen tbh. I think they both (specially the Frenchman) have great futures ahead.

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I am on the hunt for a number 1 for a very powerfull team' date=' the big names are all gone I am looking for the next big thing.

    I have been looking about and names like Sirigu come to mind but can anyone help me with the next big keeper who is rated between 88-90 and under 27[/quote']

    You might want to take a look at Viviano. One of the best goalkeepers in Serie A and the most solid candidate to take over from Buffon for the Azzurri. He wont be rising soon, but is definitely a future 90+ keeper.

    Nestor Muslera should have a chance to rise (although minimum) if he keeps performing the way he's been doing so far and might even attract interest from 'bigger' teams while doing so.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    A bit off topic but it is just a wee ?...What happens when a players contract is up? EG. fabregas has 1 year left on his contract' date=' and by next season what will happen? (If the manager does not renew it) :)[/quote']

    All players are offered a new contract, weather or not the manager does it. If you have a player with 1 year left on his contract and fail to log-in until the beginning of the new season, he'll automatically appear with a 2 -3 year contract.

  9. Re: Arda Turan or Gareth Bale?

    I have Turan but have the chance to do a straight swap for bale?

    Who would you say is the best of the two?

    Bale > Turan.

    The problem is he was so over-hyped last season, it ended-up backfiring to the point where he became "overrated". He's got immense talent and has been improving throughout the years, allowing interest from some of Europe's biggest teams.

    I'd do the swap.

  10. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    Newcastle United 0 - 1 Burnley

    Daniel Estrada steered Burnley to victory against Newcastle United.

    Burnley outclassed Newcastle United and beat them 1 - 0 in their Division 2 fixture.

    Schwegler scored the winner for Burnley and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

    A 6th minute goal is enough to see us gather 3 points and move up in the division 2 standings.

    Next up is Nottingham Forest.

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    My Ivanovic and Van Der Weil for Lahm?

    I'd do if depth is not a problem. You should also keep in mind that Lahm's main position will very likely change to a LB in the next Bundesliga ratings.

    Need a little help here :)

    My Hulk for Bojan and Kyle Walker and 5 million ???

    Fair deal IMO. It'll take some time for Bojan to fully adjust to Roma but when/if he does he shouldn't face too many problems when rising. Walker is one of my favorite RB's in the premier and should be rising steadily to 90 and above.

  12. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!..

    p.s this was yesterday from a guy who backs sm in this post pritty much to the max..

    had abit of a go at me from top of my head..

    must have been backing stu and not actual sm yes..

    I don't back SM 'to the max' (I simply don't give it the same importance you do) and the comment in WC 11111 was not intended as a go at you; I didn't even know you were in it.

    It's merely a comment pointing out how match ratings are purely cosmetic and have little or no truth in them. I wasn't about to start a thread on it ;).

  13. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    You were the nice person that took Nboa away from me :P

    Only kidding mate! Some very decent signings there ;)

    Had to get rid of D'Agostino now that he's at Siena & Noboa seemed like the perfect alternative :P.

    I sent a representative over to his house to offer him Caldo de Patas or Cattle's hoof soup as a bribe and this is what he had to say:

    I would never consider playing for Dom. Ever since he moved to the dark side' date=' he's become increasingly scarier.[/quote']
  14. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread

    Fiorentina 0 - 0 Malaga

    A whopping 34 shots of which 18 where on target would make anyone think Spiderman was Malaga's goalie.

    Comments like these would also encourage such a view:

    The ball hits the bar and superb reflexes by Mariano ANDUJAR prevents the follow up
    Mariano ANDUJAR was at full stretch to tip it over
    Mariano ANDUJAR parries away the drive
    An excellent strike is tipped over the bar by Mariano ANDUJAR

    Was a bit surprised to see his match rating: 5

    It wasn't bad when compared to Malaga's average rating: 5.18

    Very low when put in contrast to my Fiorentina's: 8

    Oh well. Lost out on 2 deserved points but I'm still 1st, 1 point above Basel.

  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    In a very competitive GW' date=' would you do Moutinho for Pjanic and Rodwell.

    Moutinho is my best player and captain, and top scorer. Pjanic can play in his position, but Rodwell would be a sub.

    Would you do it?[/quote']

    I'd do the deal.

    Although Pjanic seemed to stagnate at Lyon, he's giving signs of some sort of revival at Roma that could see him become an integral part of the team. If he does so, I don't see why he couldn't get a 91 in a couple of rating changes. Rodwell's ability to play in the defense and midfield should also come in handy.

  16. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    Christian Noboa, Pirmin Schwegler, Gaioto Rhodolfo & Francis Coquelin arrive to Burnley!

    Had to part with Lescott, D'agostino, Didot & Crescenzi to make room for these signings but we still have some cash left to try and bring some new faces to Lancashire.

    Nene's long-term injury sees us prioritize a winger at the moment.

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