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  1. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Otamendi > Djourou. No doubt whatsoever. Handanovic for me.
  3. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Is it my impression or has the Juventus manager sold some of his top players for chairman value? A direct swap between Vidal and Fellaini? There might be something I'm unaware of but this whole thing looks shady.
  4. Re: fake account used to delay transfer I have come across such behavior in the past and from my experience, using the 'Multiple Accounts' option to report the manager(s) in question is pretty much useless. This because the multiple accounts get deleted while the main one remains. Sending a ticket with as much detail as possible will give you a better chance of getting the manager removed from the game world.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd take Gameiro and Ayew simply because it seems as though Gameiro will cement himself as a starter for his national team' date=' while Nilmar faces an excessive amount of competition. I'd accept. I've seen deals worth a lot more for Ronaldo rejected.
  6. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc Middlesbrough 1 - 2 Burnley We needed a miracle to avoid relegation. We had to beat division 2 champions (Jooles' Middlesbrough) and had to hope Preston North End drew or lost. I decided to play a defensive 4-5-1 with 9 players waiting in my own area or as Mourinho would say, I decided to park the bus on my goal. My aim with this was simply not to concede any goals and if lucky enough, score on a counter. Although we did end up conceding 1 goal, we were able to score 2 and therefore equal Preston North End's 33 points! Goal difference should see us remain in division 2 (by a 3 goal difference)! Very happy with my first season in this setup and I look forward to the next one.
  7. Re: Does player age get taken in to consideration during your teams matches and seaso I'm 99% sure age is not a factor to the match engine. The inability to win you've been experiencing, however, is something relatively common in teams that pull ahead early on. I managed an Arsenal that won its first 20 fixtures creating a gap of almost 20 points with the second placed team. Immediately after that, we started drawing and losing without exception. We had a run of 13 games without victory, allowing other teams to catch-up. It seems as though its a relatively common scenario in SM to be honest.
  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) What's the average of your CB's and DM's? I find that if a player is 3 to 4 points below that average, they'll expect to play. The good news is, they're usually happy with cup/shield games and the odd sub-appearance.
  9. Re: K.P. Boateng or S. Bender? As much as I like Sven Bender, I think Boateng is the better man. He's cemented himself as a starter in AC Milan and has everything it takes to excel both in real life and in SM.
  10. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. That's the idea. Red cards, injuries, substitutions, formation as well as instruction changes should have an effect on your stats.
  11. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Welcome to the setup and congrats on the win .
  12. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Fiorentina 2 - 1 AJ Auxerre This victory sees us move to 2nd place, three points away from division 4 leaders FC Basel.
  13. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. Again.
  14. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. Actually I said I predominantly lost games in which 1 or more of my players were sent off. I did manage to win some like you say' date=' but most have been losses. I agree with most of what you have said but I don't think you've understood what I was trying to say. Yes, you can have higher possession, more shots on target and still draw/lose. What I was actually trying to convey wasn't a new feature showing new stats. On the contrary, using the same algorithm they use to show us our overall stats, we could see stats for each individual intervals (45 minutes, 60 ", 75 " & final). This way, you (or any other manager) could see if any changes made during one of these periods was productive or not. Like I said before, this enhancement shouldn't be rocket science and would help prove SM have a functioning match engine that doesn't solely rely on average ratings. Wouldn't you believe in the match engine if you could see your in-game alterations have an effect on the stats? Although the idea I put upfront wont prevent freak results, it should at least let managers know their tactics and instructions do weigh in their results. After all, if your theory about the match engine being completely random was true, there wouldn't be much fun in playing SM, right? All you would need to do, is amass high rated players to win games.
  15. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!..
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The manager getting Cazorla. Who could you buy with that money? I wouldn't do the deal if it's Real Madrid's Pepe. As good as Hummels is and can be, he has a long road ahead of him before catching Pepe rating-wise.
  17. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. I agree. That little sister of yours has done you good . You really think your complaint will shutdown SM? I assume you are neither a lawyer nor have any knowledge about statutory interpretation. This thread started with such aggressiveness' date=' I'm not surprised you haven't gotten (and probably will not get) an official response from SM. As many people before have explained, the issues you bring to sight should be tweaked without much testing required (bar substitutions thanks to injuries) [b']if[/b] they aren't already in place. How is it you are so certain expulsions bear no consequences in the match engine? I know I've predominantly lost games in which one or more of my players were sent off. The same could be asked about the in-game instructions. Do you know, without doubt, that substituting a 90-rated player for a 70-rated one has no effect in the result, hence the match engine? Sure, our team average stays unchanged in the in-game instructions display, but that doesn't necessarily mean the match engine ignores the change. Try substituting your 3 best-rated players for your 3 worst-rated ones, ignoring their positions, at halftime; you'd probably fair worse in the second half. A clear way to determine if these points are an actual issue, would be seeing a statistic variation whenever you make substitutions, change formations or change in-game-instructions. On your match report, under the 'Match Statistics' tab, you can see the different formations and substitutions you used for the kick-off, 45th minute, 60th minute and 75th minute. SM could add a more detailed report by showing stats for each of these intervals, e.g., you started a game using a defensive-minded 4-4-2 against a flat 4-3-3 and by the time the 45th minute arrives you've amassed 40% of possession and have scored no goals. You had set your instructions to change in case you were loosing/drawing at half-time to an attacking 3-4-3 and by the 75th minute you can see your overall possession has gone up to 60% and you're up 2 - 0. What would this tell you? Basically that with a 4-4-2, you had the ball for 18 minutes (out of a possible 45), but after changing to a 3-4-3 (amongst other things), you're overall possession has gone up to 45 minutes out of 75 (60%). In other words, since making your formation and instructions change at halftime, your team has had 90% of the possession (27 minutes out of a possible 30) - You've now seen how the changes you've made benefited your team and therefore the match engine respond to changes. I know it's not the best example but I think the idea comes across well enough and this should put any doubt you have to rest. Am I right? It should also be quite simple for SM developers to add this feature. Perhaps starting this thread with a 'hot head' wasn't the proper way to voice your complaints, as slandering and admonishing will probably not get you the answers you want. I'm sure 'asking nicely' (as Stuart put it) would've gotten you further. And if receiving answers is really what you're after, I'll have no problem in trying to contact John/Ste myself with your queries.
  18. Re: Transfer Ban Change Perhaps youth player hoarding is a problem. But i reckon it's mostly seen on uncompetitive game worlds where a couple of teams face little to no competition when it comes to signing these players. The solution you propose is hardly the best to solve this in my opinion. Mainly because it would enforce hoarding and also due to the fact that transfers, being the most active feature in SM, would stagnate for long periods. Lets say I'm one of these hoarding managers in a setup where the rules you suggested are in place. What exactly will prevent me from buying youth players? Nothing. I'd still do it. In the case of risers, I'd just let them develop their wages concern until they demand a transfer. This means I'd still get a nifty profit on their rise without having to adjust to their new wages. On the other hand, I could also see a problem with 90+ players. What's to stop me from handing out 5 year contracts to every player at the end of every season? I could quit the team and all players would remain nontransferable for over 3 SM-seasons. Look at it this way. In real life, players are sold less than one year before they were bought (Diego from Juventus). They sign a 5-year contract and are sold 2 months later (Falcao from Porto). TB's are fine as they are and I'm sure SM have no intentions of altering them. There are many other things that are more important than this at the moment. Match engine, loans, injury lengths, substitutions, etc..
  19. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Hamburger SV 1 - 4 Fiorentina We dominated the stats, amassing 65% of the possession, 16 shots (8 on target) and an average collective rating of 7.75 against their 6.27. We move up to 3rd place, 2 points away from the leader Basel.
  20. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread This win sees us move to 6th place. Next up is Feyenoord for the World Champ Shield.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Accept the offer before the other manager regains his sanity.
  22. Re: New User Interface [beta] Cannot thank you enough.
  23. Re: New User Interface [beta] I must say I'm happy with the new interface. I wasn't at first, but realized the beta was eventually going to replace the old interface so I chose to stick with it from the beginning to get familiarized with it (seems like most here didn't). Overall, I can understand most of you who claim things take longer than before. That is until you get used to the new layout, or at least that's how it happened with me. After about 1 week of using the new interface, I started getting things done as fast and even faster than with the old interface and with the exception of the messages (which have now been changed) I became accustomed to the new looks and features. The only problem I have so far is with the 'Real Life Clubs'. I have tried this and it's definitely not what I'm looking for. This instructions lead me to a list of all the teams (external' date=' unmanaged & managed) in my setup. For example, in a WC I want to see Juventus' real life squad. I do as said and go to [b']Game World > Club List > Search by country > Italy > Juventus[/b] and what I find is a managed Juventus team with the squad the manager has built over time, not Juventus' real life squad. The same goes for external teams - Malaga, which is external in my game world, doesn't show 50% of its current real life players. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems as though real life squads have been cut from the new interface. The only way I've been able to gain access to these, is by searching for a player that currently plays for that team (i.e. Del Piero in Juventus), opening his profile and clicking on 'Real Club' there.
  24. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc Burnley 1 - 3 Newcastle Lost a key match against a superior Newcastle. They dominated the stats and controlled the match from begging to end. We only had 1 shot on target (which ended in a goal) against their 10. Oh well, next up are Leicester & Middlesbrough - Will need 2 victories and some help from other teams to save the season.
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