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  1. Re: My New Unique Setup! i'll take inter milan, 2nd choice real madrid
  2. Re: The League of Extraordinary Forumers AC MILAN PLAYERS FOR SALE Inzaghi - 8 Million Gilardino - 15 Million Ambrossini - 10 Million
  3. Re: The League of Extraordinary Forumers Sergio Aguero Joins AC Milan!!! New Milan boss Mehran's first signing has been revealed, and what a signing it is...Argentinian Wonderkid Aguero, is set to join Milan tommorow subject to a medical...The player did not come cheap, and the deal is rumoured to have been around 8 million plus Veterans Seedorf and Ronaldo. Mehran said he will be sad to see these two loyal players leave, but is esctatic with the player coming in. Milan will be selling Gilardino!
  4. Re: The League of Extraordinary Forumers Discuss via PM's...and btw, which team are you?
  5. Re: The League of Extraordinary Forumers Gattuso & Pirlo may leave the San Siro... Veterans Seedorf and Ronaldo are going too... Any Offers will be considered!
  6. Re: Kevin's Liverpool Rating Changes!!! its still pretty much the same, change gerrard to 97 and torres to 95, i can't believe being a lpool fan u aren't putting mascherano up lol:D
  7. Re: Kevin's Liverpool Rating Changes!!!
  8. Re: Euro Number 1 Applied for Arsenal, is there a match report thread?
  9. Re: new forumers setup, everyone welcome real, manu, arsenl, barca or milan please keep it as 2 divs, also a draw doesn't sound bad
  10. Re: Less frequent long injuries lol had stankovic injured for 3 weeks with a cold... but i think the injury lengths are quite realistic, but the reson are sometimes a bit dodgy, e.g u could be out for 18 weeks something seriously broken, but not with, say a gashed arm
  11. Re: help with rising superstars
  12. Re: New Setup For Forumers (Reply Fast) Everyone Welcome i do, wouldn't mind swapping for milan...pm me
  13. Re: Bad joke competition!!! knock knock whos there lettuce lettuce who lettuce in and we'll tell u
  14. Re: Rolfes v. Flamini flamini is quite under rated, 92 defo...been great this season, was given the oppurtunity and did he take it or what, should be signing a new contract with arsenal, so he should get oppurtunities to do well, maybe even in the national team? go for him defo!
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