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  1. I'm going to assume this setup is not going to continue in it's current form?
  2. I like how younger players are now valued, but I feel that age is becoming too big a factor when you start to hit the 30s as shown by a player like Ibrahimovic. And Ronaldo is worth 17 million less than Messi while both are 99, going to keep an eye on him as he'll turn 31 early Febuary to see how much of a difference it makes.
  3. I'm curious to see what the new season will bring, especially with the new cash values of players where a guy like Zlatan is valued at just about 10 million while Messi is about 90 million.
  4. Despite losing the lead in Division 1 in the last few games I cannot do anything else but conclude that this has been another succesfull season for Napoli. 2nd on just 1 point behind league winners Bayern Munchen and miles ahead of the competition at #3 we've punched far above our weight. Now to actually win something next season, instead of being 2nd..
  5. Can anyone tell me if there are plans to bring the options we lost on tactics back, or will they be gone forever?
  6. Big deal indeed! Good for both of you. Another big deal (not really ) is Jorginho's 10 million Pound move to Zenit!! And we beat Lyon 2-1 thanks to no other than Totti, the old man scored twice in his debut for Napoli.
  7. They said over last weekend and the start of this week, so with a little luck tomorrow or Wednesday.
  8. Might as well sell me Hazard already, you're going to lose him anyway if you relegate and he won't prevent your relegation..
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