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  1. Guys should i swap Benzema for Aguero..i have Benzema Will that be a good deal?
  2. Re: Yoann Gourcuff Okay thanx mate!
  3. Should i sell off Gourcuff for 30 M ??? I've recently been offered 30 millions for him and i'd like help as to should i keep him or sell him.. BTW i have enough cover in that CM/DM position.. Just wanna know if he's worth keeping or not as thereis no doubt he has immense talent but lately he's been out of form and injured for a while what should i do? Thankx
  4. Re: Need to trim my wage bill and get rid of the bad apples! First of all most people on the forum get mad about any new talent that emerges and the whole forum echos the name of that prospect, then when another talent emerges, they forget old talents for eg. Sanogo... They only compare players to very recent emerging talents..though the very recent emerging talents may be better the former vanishes out of the scene..However these are the following which you should keep..bare into mind that i don't have an opinion on some players as i don't know much about them...but the ones i'm listing should be kept at all costs according to the list youve put forward MAURICIO, Diego Big talent that, mark my words TORRES, Érick Future star VRSALJKO, Šime Good talent JUAN, Guilherme MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo OCAMPOS, Lucas Big talent COSIC, Uros BESIC, Muhamed Has decent potential to become a future star SANOGO, Yaya Future star imo VUCKIC, Haris Great newcastle talent BERNAT, Juan But i'm kinda surprised nobody has Mauricio on their list..! I think that guys worth a shot!
  5. Re: Give away Muniain for Neymar or Hazard? Thanks guys! Appreciate your opinions..i'll try and get hazard!
  6. Muniain for Neymar or Hazard? I have Muniain so who should i swap him for Neymar or Hazard? Since both are great talents..who should be the better bet? Or should i just keep Muniain?
  7. Lewandowski better than gotze??? Really? I have lewandowski and have always wanted to sign gotze but i am in a very cut throat gameworld and cant manage to sign him..though ive got many great players, gotze's always caught my eye.. Or is Ribery afraid of gotze taking his place that is why he wants bayern to sign lewandowski instead lol
  8. Re: My Youth Squad Thanks a lot..but u've named some very obvious ones.. I want to keep the ones who are good talents and have a bright future.. I would also love to have the ones who will rise high so that i can cash in big on them.... Anybody else? I need a massive clearout! i need more opinions please
  9. Re: bale for mata No doubt mata is a more matured player than bale..but bale is very young and has the potential to be a much better player than mata..bale for me is a nuclear war head..a very explosive player and a gamble..mata might end up his career at chelsea but bale is heavily linked with barca..let aside barca every club in the world wants him! Bale will at some point of time leave spurs soon and if he signs for a team like barca he will have the potential to be 95+ the kind of player he is..Barca are still in need of a dani alves on the left and guardiola knows bale's the man. However some people here might go for mata simply because they admire mata more than bale or are chelsea fans and blah blah but there is absolutely no doubt that bale is the better bet out of the two, atleast on SM Don't think any longer and keep bale )..ofcourse the other manager's not that stupid to give away mata for bale if bale wasnt a better bargain on sm.. P. S. Though i agree mata has the edge over bale in real life for now, but bale is definitely your bet on SM
  10. TER STEGEN, Marc-André UNNERSTALL, Lars SALA, Andrea LEALI, Nicola FABIO, Da Silva HULT, Niklas BIRAGHI, Cristiano MARTINS, Luís DIGNE, Lucas POUNDJE, Maxime CAPUANO, Marco CRESSWELL, Aaron AURIER, Serge LEES, Tom HEWITT, Elliott VRSALJKO, Šime CRYSTIAN, Carvalho CARVAJAL, Daniel BENNETT, Ryan NAYLOR, Tom COATES, Sebastián BURLAK, Taras HANLEY, Grant MILOSEVIC, Alexander BA, Abdoulaye N’DIAYE, Mahamadou SOBIECH, Lasse UVINI, Bruno DUFFY, Shane PEZZELA, Germán MUSTAFI, Shkodran RAMSTEIJN, Kaj KELLY, Martin KEANE, Michael ELTON, Ataíde OLIVEIRA, Sérgio BIGIRIMANA, Gael VOGT, Kevin FERGUSON, Shane SABORIT, Enric MORRIS, Josh KUKOC, Tonci JACOBS, Michael EL KADDOURI, Omar LOWE, Jason CALVANO, Simone JORGINHO, Frello SCHULLER, Rasmus BERTOLACCI, Andrea RODE, Sebastian ESPINOSA, Javi GARDNER, Gary DELANEY, Thomas MBAKA, Philtzgérald GUSTAVSSON, Daniel RAZAK, Abdul DUARTE, Lerin HOLTBY, Lewis LEITNER, Moritz ELVIS, Araújo LJAJIC, Adem ANANIDZE, Jano CABELLA, Rémy ANDERSON, Felipe LORES, Ignacio CAZARES, Juan PIMBA, Gabriel EL GHANASSY, Yassine SISSOKO, Ibrahim JANSEN, Kevin BELLARABI, Karim REDMOND, Nathan FALK JENSEN, Rasmus SILVA, Wellington JÖNSSON, Rasmus BEISTER, Maximilian TELLO, Cristian ATSU, Christian DJANINY, Semedo CHULA, Jorge POLO, Andy GALLEGOS, Sebastián NOBLE-LAZARUS, Reuben HELENIUS, Nicklas BERISHA, Veton BENNETT, Mason LECOINTE, Matt CASNOS, Luc MAURICIO, Diego MACHEDA, Federico EDUARDO, Wilson IMMOBILE, Ciro MORATA, Álvaro GINCZEK, Daniel RHODES, Jordan LE TALLEC, Damien ZOHORE, Kenneth KEANE, Will Guys which players are the ones i should keep and which ones should i sell??? Thanks!
  11. Re: Muniesa deal The thing is i already have hart, de gea and ter stegen..so should i do the deal..give away unnerstall + 6 millions and take muniesa? Or should i keep unnerstall anyway and sell him when he rises if unnerstall + 6 millions for muniesa is not a good deal? And yes i read he'll be in the first team next season..so what should i do?
  12. Re: Muniesa deal plz someone reply asap...
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