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  1. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - Opens June 25th So there is one pairing more than the number of available teams? Have you decided how one pair will be eliminated? I do hope that people will be committed and not destroy it like WC 14702 was destroyed. Good thing that there will not be any buying from unmanaged...
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would do it surely if you plan on keeping the team for a while
  3. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - Opens June 25th Awesome. Looking forward to this if both of us can get the teams. My in game id is Jedi Knight with no picture and 120 rep...Send me a request in SM if possible... We will win this in the name of Sheldon Cooper
  4. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - Opens June 25th Guess you could be my Protege as I see you are not already paired up!
  5. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - Opens June 25th Any chance I can get in on the rookies? GW seems like fun and been some time since I had a bit of a challenge...
  6. Re: World Championship 20000? I do not see any available clubs...Could someone offer me a club if it becomes available?
  7. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
  8. Re: World Championship 14702- GOING STRONG Congos dude...But I simply do not understand why I got beat so bad both times even though we played same formation...Got totally dominated... Just need two points from the next 3 games to win Div 2 and then I am outta here...Got offered the ManU job so if anyone is interested I guess I will reject that...
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Do not do it mate...
  10. Re: World Championship 20000? I would like to get in on this... I am sure that much like WC14702 some guys are bound to leave in a couple of months...Could someone send me a club offer when that happens? My in game id is Jedi Knight and email id is priyankar.nits@gmail.com I will keep a slot open so as to get this...Cheers!
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