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  1. Re: .r0naldo7' Portfolio Awesome Stuff! It would be great if you join gfxfreeze.com which is another graphics forum and gfrenders.com .
  2. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread how come u havent been on that gfxfreeze lately i know its rubbish in midweek cos we dont have many members but at weekend it picks up and would be good having different people making aotw and sotw
  3. Re: The Colab. Thread i use photoshop cs4 mate and ok will start them now
  4. Re: ★A2R's GFX PORTFOLIO★ some really nice sigs!! kutgw would be cool if u joined a sig forum im on called gfxfreeze
  5. Re: The Colab. Thread Anyone want to do a collab? ill start or finish something now
  6. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread Nice new sigs pal didnt comment on em on the freeze abishop10 here btw did u start that collab?
  7. Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! would be cool if u joined gfxfreeze.comas well i penguin is on there
  8. Re: New layout for a new forum bump and cheers a person off the ea forum made it and a load of us joined weve got 139 members now:D
  9. Re: new GFX competition oh id have entered as well
  10. Re: New layout for a new forum gggggggggggggggg
  11. Re: New layout for a new forum ..............
  12. Have a look http://www.gfxfreeze.com/introduce-yourself-f1/
  13. Re: another new graphics forum join plss
  14. Re: another new graphics forum great! if u can help by posting on here or other sites thanks
  15. Re: another new graphics forum yeh thanks for joining if u could post a thread on here and other places would be grateful
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