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  1. I got mbappe at 320k as a promising young Left back can i have a sticker?
  2. I agree, Either Boadu is hard done by or Ihattaren was very generously raised, you decide. Personally think if you put Boadu 82 and Ihattaren 80 probably ok.
  3. How much Fun does Genks group look though. Some cracking games and great Home crowds coming in for Genk (and Salzburg)
  4. Do you mean on SM the game? I can see your working here, and there are definitely no restrictions on your account. If it is in game i cant do much to help you, the forum moderators/Administrators have no power to check or alter anything in game sadly.
  5. another one that was hidden for whatever reason...
  6. Ive asked 3 times now. We can see it as soon as we log in. I realise it can be frustrating but doing this makes nothing happen faster and is a little bit annoying. Dont post it here again please. Pm one of us if you REALLY feel the need to alert us to something we can see as fast as the alert.
  7. I responded to his PM, but yeah, every now and again a postjust seems to get flagged for approval even from reptable members. Yet it still lets through the same 6 spam bots every night. Infrastructure all a bit rubbish but we keep it afloat as best we can. We are basically just janitors these days.
  8. I have no explanantion for this. Cant see anything in the logs (and why would we? I have personally used that post in scouting in one of my custom Gameworlds, its amazing work!). I have literally no idea what has caused that.
  9. I explicitly asked you to stop posting these here, and admin can see it as soon as we log in (it flags up for us). Posting it here doesn't get it fixed any faster than pressing the elevator button over and over. If you still nonetheless have the compulsion to summon someone, a direct message would be just as effective Cheers
  10. Cam Lucas


    New Players do this. i think its something to do with no being licenced for them. You need to use a data pack to "skin" them to their correct names.
  11. Ive had a play with the Admin powers to try and fix the reports, ive trimmed of the 30 odd hashtags and no ones uses them anyway. Hopefully somer improvement seen. Ill also let you known don't post in the other thread and tag us for the report thing. As soon as we log in we get bright red alerts to anything requiring approval. I can see the alert before i even see youve posted about it, so can kev That said so many spam bots get though and from what i can tell the built in spam defense is on full power, so not entirely sure how good some of these systems are.
  12. I havent had a chance yet to look at what additional options i have, but as you can see i got me and Kev a promotion so hopefully he or i can help. it may just be a filter tripper we cannot control. hopefully we can fix.
  13. Sorry man there is not much I can do. Kev has the same privileges as me, we are basic moderators. The Administrators have more function, but arent really on much (and im not sure if they can stop it or not but maybe). I Probably should really reach out to Allan or Stephen to give me and Kev Admin powers as its hard to do too much without the overlords here. [edit] Ive emailed Allan, the longest serving Admnin, to hopefully come back and bestow godhood upon me and Kev so we do more if necessary. see how it goes.
  14. Thanks for the ride cobber, I know ill be seeing you right until the end ingame and ill say more goodbyes then, but its been a pleasure to have your company.
  15. Pretty much bail on your Championship stuff
  16. HI Guys 30M (psuedo useful, old lazy EC where all high rated taken, but i do get a fair chunk of quality youth uncontested) + Neres + Martial for Dembele. One of them take his starting spot, and the other is taking Lamela' spot. Would you do it?
  17. I thought Marcus Browne was one of WHU better youth prospects. surprised to see him off to Boro for 500k. worth keeping an eye on.
  18. I have had to manually approve quite a few lately. We have had issues with Spam bots, but that has been for ages now. Maybe an Admin above myself or a SM rep put something in place to fight them that has cause it? Unsure as they are as frequent as ever.
  19. Oblak 95 was certainly not expected.... Also, Sebastian Soto has changed in game to a South American side (defensor blanco or soemthing? ive logged out.) As far as any site i can see he is at Hannover still. Can anyone find anything to say otherwise?
  20. Been hanging onto Skov Olsen hoping he would get the move his talent (hopefully) deserves. Good for him
  21. Zaniolo to 88 was heavy handed imo. Jokes aside i do expect Felix to get quite the bump also
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