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  1. Re: Giuseppe Rossi he should rise and i think he will
  2. Re: Anyone fancy explaining why Benoit Assou Ekotto isn't 90? coz he ****
  3. Re: Raul meireles to 92?? haha has a few good games and people say he should go up to 92 lol
  4. Re: Kompany,3 or 4 in Defence try to get kompany as he will rise to 92 next change but dont get rid Coentrao he proply be best lb in the future try to instead give the guy Albiol as he will go down as he not playing much
  5. Re: Frank Lampard he will stay but i would look to get someone else in as he picking up a lot of injurys and he says he wants to play too his 40 but he wont coz he hasnt looked after himself like Giggs and Scholes has so i say he got 2 years left at top level
  6. Re: Raul Albiol Offer Assistance. defo selll you got better cb and he hardly plays for real might even do down next change
  7. Re: Kaka Deal Need Help! yer kaka will go down but kaka great player and 95 is still good for him
  8. Re: David Silva or Dzeko? swap get silva great player and dzeko not proven in pl
  9. Re: Albiol accept the 30 m he might go down 1 as he aint played much
  10. Re: yaya toure deal i would keep toure as his 1st team for man city and a good player and will rise in future
  11. Re: been made an offer for ozil. yes or no dont sell ozil he will go up and future 95 so defo keep him
  12. Re: 13m to spend on an upcoming DM well do you want one for now who will rise in the future
  13. Re: Benzema deals? no dont do it Higuain injured for months and i think 94 his limit and muller will go higher if you can do benzema and money do that
  14. Re: Benzema deals? do the anderson and nani deal anderson will stay at 90 but gd squad player and nani will go up to 92 next rating change and you got gd strikers already with forlan 1st choice and muller and suarez should go up too
  15. Re: Benzema deals? depends who are your other strikers
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