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  1. That's another thing. Coming in 2nd is almost as bad as coming in last. Las 2 seasons I spent the whole time in 1st only to drop to 2nd on the last match...
  2. So, in my gameworld Renato Sanches just became availabe for signing and me and a rival both offered the maximum allowed. He made an offer, I offered maximum, he canceled his offer and offered maximum aswell. Why oh why did the player sign with him instead of me?
  3. Is it really my failure that SM doesn't allow me to do anything for the finantial health of my club other than hoarding players? In season 1 I grabbed probably the worst team in portuguese 2nd division and 18 seasons later the first 11 averages 96. The stadium remained with the same 8k seats most of the time until very recently it was pumped up to an amazing 13k seats. And I suppose to compete finantially with teams with 50k and 65k stadiums... They turn a profit even without hoarding players. I'm losing 100M per season... How's this my failure?
  4. It's already the third day that I can't open soccermanager's website. I use Firefox, but even IE can't open it. I live in China, did this game just got banned here? It doesn't make sense, but I see no other explanation. I've been playing for over 5 years without nterruption, and the last 10 months I've been here in China and have had no problems so far. Even lately I've been playing on soccermanager 2015.. It's not that I can't login or something like that, it's the actual website that doesn't open. Please help..
  5. Hello everyone. Here's my team. I wonder what your opinions are on some of the players. http://prntscr.com/5bf85n Do you think the ones underlined may drop in the near future? And how about the ones in a rectangle, do they have a chance to rise? Cheers.
  6. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread From those 3, Messi deserved only one. Sneijder and Iniesta should have won on the other two occasions. Like it was said, Ronaldo won Ballon D'Or, Champions League, record scorer of CL, best scorer of League, carried the team (again) and this year he even carried his National Team, single handedly getting a place in the World Cup vs. Ibra's Sweden. If he doesn't deserve the 99 now, he won't get it even if Portugal wins the World Cup.
  7. So one of my strongest opponents just offered me Xavi (96) for 50 mil. Currently I have 149 mil but losing 3.3 mil per week as I'm in a very small team with little revenue. But money wouldn't be much of a problem anyway. However, my midfield has Iniesta 97, Schweinsteiger 95, Busquets 95, Oscar 92 and Thiago 91 I don't necessarily need Xavi, especially since he won't keep the 96 for much longer imho. But on the other hand, signing him would be a shot in the foot for his current team as their midfield would be reduced to Xabi Alonso 95 and Fabregas 95 as the only top players. I'm inclined to accept. But what do you guys think?
  8. Re: Desperate for help Hey guys. After 12 problem-free seasons in my GW, a guy just arrived and he started cheating right away. He doesn't even try to cover anything, he registered into one team as Tiago Gonçalves - tiaaago, and keeps registering into other teams, trades the best players into his first, leaves and goes into another team to do the same, and he's doing this as Tiago Gonçalves - tgonçalves8645892. There's also another freshly registered one that might be related, but so far has not made any transfer. I've read this topic, read the one that linked to this one, but either I'm blind or I'm not finding where I can report this guy. Could someone tell me step by step where it is, please? Even if nothing happens, at least I want to know that I tried to make a difference. Cheers EDIT: Actually he has more accounts: Tiago Gonçalves - tgonçalves8645962 Anyway, I found where I can report him. Lets hope it works.
  9. Re: Lazar Markovic Sorry about that. I did use the search feature before posting though..
  10. I didn't find any relevant posts about this wonderkid, so let present him to the people who don't know him already. Name: Lazar Markovic Age: 19 Country: Serbia Position: Winger/Forward Rated: 88 Current team: Benfica Previous team: Partizan Beograd This guy is getting consistent first team appearances, with already over 1000 minutes in his 17 matches, 12 of them as a first 11 choice, scoring 5 goals. He has also played in the champions league, cup and league cup, and got capped at his national team as well as in the u-21. He is a super fast, highly teachnique and creative player, who often runs with the ball dribbling his opponents. Let me share with you his goal from his last match where he was the man of the match with many great plays and the goal is just pure genius. If the video is not working, try the direct link:
  11. Re: William Carvalho Being at Sporting CP he's doomed to stagnate at 89/90. However, if he leaves as it looks like, I believe he's 93/94 material, as long as he plays ofc.
  12. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 Yes, I know it's the same person. The thing that made me think differently was that Snapis wrote Lopez instead of Lopes. Lopez is hispanic while Lopes is portuguese, so I thought he was refering to a different player. But it's all good, my choice will be CANCELO, João, 78 - Benfica. Super talented, just need opportunities to shine
  13. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 Can I still participate? If so, my player is LOPES, Rony, 77 - Man City
  14. #1 - Static stadium. I've got this one team since the day I registered in this game. When I registered it was one of the weakest teams in the portuguese second division. The best rated player, by far, had 82, others were all 77 or less. I've built the team up, promoted, got the right players at the right time, and now, 12 seasons later I'm 3 times champion with a first 11 with 95 as average. But my crappy little stadium is kept at 8.000 seats!!! How can I compete finatially with the other big teams if their revenue from tickets is 5 to 9 times higher than mine? The other big teams have a relatively reduced number of players, and almost never sign a future riser simply because they don't need to. Me, on the other hand, have to be constantly buying players that will grow and selling players that have grown. I can't stop, I have a loss of over 3 millions each week. I need to have over 100 players (had over 200 once) to be able to maintain my 24/25 players main squad. #2 - Ineffective loans. While some players develop really fast, enough to go into the main squad like Gotze or Neymar, others take their sweet time, but some of those are surely be super high rated, or at least they have the potential (Thiago comes to mind). But if they're not good enough yet, they won't get game time, and being at 90/91, they just don't fit in the team yet. So they get unhappy. But loaning them, to get them game time is irrelevant as they will not only keep the unhappiness, they'll grow a new one because they've been loaned out... What the hell.. make up your mind, you want to play ot not? Does it really matter what team you play in while you're not rated enough to be part of the squad?! Why do loans exist anyway if they're good for nothing? #3 - Language. This is getting into my nerves everyday. Since a few months ago, after years of no problems, everytime I log into the site the language is set to brazilian portuguese, and every single time I change it to european portuguese. Why doesn't the site remember my choice anymore, and why the hell does it admit I'm from Brazil?? My IP is portuguese, my windows is european portuguese, my browser is european portuguese... If you're going to change it, at least change it to english. For you guys not familiar with the portuguese language, european and brazilian portuguese are a lot different. We understand each other perfectly, but the gap is considerable. Some examples: Squad: Plantel - pt-pt / Elenco - pt-br Defender: Defesa pt-pt / Zagueiro - pt-br Please let me chose AND KEEP my goddamn language!! Sorry about this rant guys, I've been accumulating this on my chest for so long, I had to take it out. Cheers.
  15. Re: Monster squad size I once had over 200 players at once. Now I'm down to 121. I guess it depends on a lot of factors. For me, I grabbed a small 2nd division team of the portuguese league, with a tiny stadium. If I ever wanted to become big I had to sign tons of players before they rise. That's how I managed to have a first 11 with average of 95 and become champion. Plus, with this kind of team I'm losing over 3 millions every week in wages, because I have virtually no income (it baffles me why I can't expand my 8000 seat stadium), thus I need to constantly be selling players.. Cheers.
  16. I believe I've found a bug, where can I report it? The (possible) bug is this: In my tactics screen all players appear having 97-100% condition, but when I open each player they are all in the mid 80's. This is making it hard to know which players are too tired to play...
  17. Re: Trying to loan but can't? Help So cup matches count? I've been told before that only league matches count twards making a player happy/unhappy. Is there any written information about it (I haven't found any)?
  18. Re: Trying to loan but can't? Help Sorry' date=' in portuguese it's translated to president I understand that, but as you can see, the players are skilled in the 90/91 range, and I've got 4 players from 93-95 capable of rotating for the spot. Also I only play with one striker. This is a hole I can't get out from. If I play the best ones, the 91's get unhappy. If I play the 91's, the others get unhappy. And that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid
  19. I've been too ambicious for my own good and I've built a very good but also very large team. Now I'm trying to loan out some players so they can play and don't get unhappy. All went good until I tried to list the forwards. My president doesn't let me loan list any of the good ones: A. Sanchez, Cavani, Falcao, J. Hernandez.. For other positions it worked fine (Ramires, Kroos, Bale, Hazard, Gotze, etc) Why is this? Why can't I loan list them? I even took one of the current loan listed players out and still didn't work. It also can't be because they're the best as I have Rooney, Van Persie, Robben and Pedro.. I don't understand..
  20. Re: How many loans can I have? Great to hear that Thanks a lot
  21. I know this might be answered somewhere, but I couldn't find it, so sorry in advance. My question is: How many loans can I have with one single team? I know that deals are limited to 3 per season per team, but do loans count to this?
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