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  1. Although I can see this is pretty much dead, I'll post this as it's funny


    So in my save Marco Asensio was at Fiorentina and Bayern bids 48.3 mil. So I instantly bid 49M.

    My offer got rejected because "he's an important member of the team and will not be sold for any price" and Bayern's offer get's accepted.

    But wait, it didn't even say it was accepted, it just came a news saying "Bayern signs Asensio". And the price? 48.3M.



  2. 7 minutes ago, Kev said:

    Apparently they changed servers so all saved games were lost or something. I'd be asking for a refund if you spent money on it though.

    Oh... that sucks... they could at least say "hey, sorry we lost your save, here's the credits you spent with it back.."

    In terms of money I didn't spend any. The credits I had I got through playing (I guess, I never gave it any attention), but still sucks that they screwed up and didn't even sent an email about it..

    Thanks for the info anyway, though

  3. Prize money is huge. When the changes coame in my 1 guilty pleasure non FOrum or custom team is a spurs AVG rating 96 in my first EC i ever joined. I before with prize money and the buy/sell of a few risers a year could stay afloat. With the new changes initially i had to sell Diego Costa and Bernat to keep my balance at +7M. but then i won the season and the CL and now my balance is like 100M and i am better off financially than i ever was.

    That's another thing. Coming in 2nd is almost as bad as coming in last.


    Las 2 seasons I spent the whole time in 1st only to drop to 2nd on the last match...

  4. Well I think you already know that SM won't do anything.  Obviously you won't be able to sign any new players once you are in debt but, as you say, your Chairman isn't going to force you to sell players either like he would in real life.  Just the same as, in SM, you don't get sacked for a poor performance as you might in real life.  Hell, you can even just show up for work one day in 30 and you don't even get disciplined!!


    However, isn't your post rather self-defeating?


    This is a simulated management game and, to my mind, there are 3 objectives or challenges to anyone who chooses to participate..


    1.  To build and develop your team in terms of rating and value.

    2.  To win trophies or promotion.

    3.  To achieve 1 & 2 within the constraints of the budget of the club you have chosen to manage.


    If you are admitting that you are unable to achieve point 3 then surely that's an admission of failure, no? 


    Is it really my failure that SM doesn't allow me to do anything for the finantial health of my club other than hoarding players?


    In season 1 I grabbed probably the worst team in portuguese 2nd division and 18 seasons later the first 11 averages 96. The stadium remained with the same 8k seats most of the time until very recently it was pumped up to an amazing 13k seats. And I suppose to compete finantially with teams with 50k and 65k stadiums...


    They turn a profit even without hoarding players. I'm losing 100M per season...


    How's this my failure?


  5. It's already the third day that I can't open soccermanager's website. I use Firefox, but even IE can't open it.

    I live in China, did this game just got banned here? It doesn't make sense, but I see no other explanation. I've been playing for over 5 years without nterruption, and the last 10 months I've been here in China and have had no problems so far. Even lately I've been playing on soccermanager 2015..

    It's not that I can't login or something like that, it's the actual website that doesn't open.

    Please help..

  6. Re: How to make money?

    Well sounds like you are very experienced player. Just think about your problem for a while..Im sure you will figure it out.

    Only thing I can think of is that some things aren't implemented yet.

    But after several games deleted and new ones started to test things out, it looks like it is possible to recieve offers for your players, they're just stupidly rare, the player cap is not the same for every club, and is virtually not possible to fire players that are not youth.

    Tried firing a 41 year old GK rated 81 (or something around that) from Chelsea and the board didn't allow that.

    So, I'm a bit lost. If you know more than me, feel free to help me out, I'm always willing to learn.

  7. Re: How to make money?

    I like that you can't just come into a game world pick a club and then do exactly what you want exactly the way you want it. Give me the best players in the world at each position and 1 billion dollars. You would quit in a few days.

    Relax' date=' come in and look at your squad. If the squad isn't great and nobody wants to buy your 33 year old 86 rated center defender at 2.1m..find yourself an external 24 year old 86 rated center defender on the rise for 5.1m and trade/purchase him out. 3 mil for a possible star..is a good deal. your building your team and have a more competitive player and an investment. Lots of ways to manage and have fun doing it.[/quote']

    Well, I'm talking about Single Player.

    I don't want/need a super rich club with top players.

    What I don't understand is why none of my transfer listed players have offers. And I'm talking about 23-27 year olds rated 83-88. And even a 29 year old rated 84 doesn't get offers, which is understandable, but I'm also not allowed to fire him, which is not understandable.

    And the team I started in (Benfica) was already from start almost near the player limit (that I have no idea what it is because it isn't specifyed anywhere).

    So, I can't sell because there are no offers. But I can't also fire players because the board doesn't allow. And I'm just a handfull players from the limit.

    Old players lose skill, and the team has a bunch of them. But they also don't end their carrer, which means I'll have them forever. So I want to sign young players to develop. But I can't because I'll run out of room because of *see above*.

    Oh, and is trade possible in Single Player or were you refering to Worlds? In Worlds I have only one team since I started playing in 2010. It started as a small 2nd division team with the first 11 average of 77 and I've built it to a starting 11 average of 96. So on worlds I know how to do stuff ;)

  8. Re: How to make money?

    ;3024105']which game are are you on about? Single player or worlds?

    Single player.

    Isn't this the correct forum for that?

    If it isn't, sorry, but it was the one that looked the most apropriate.

  9. Re: How to make money?

    Wow, no answers and only 39 views..

    I had no idea that so few people were trying this game out.

    I'll keep playing as long as I can save (yesterday I lost a lot of progress because when clicking the save button nothing happened).

    But it's kind of stupid that I can't buy good players because I can't get money and I can't sign youngsters because 1) I can't sell players, 2) The board doesn't let me fire crappy players I'll never use, and 3) There's a cap on the number of players I can have.

    Now combine the 3.

  10. Ok, so I've just completed my first season and I'm starting the second.

    During the season I sent my 20/20 scout lots of times and there's some youngsters I'd like to sign. But I consistently lose lots of money and can't sim to make much back and I'm constantly at a loss.

    I've listed several players for sale and loan since the beginning of season 1 but there's absolutely no interest in them. That or selling players is not implemented yet.

    The only offer I had was to loan a player I hadn't listed.

    If I don't sell I won't be able to reach the end of the 2nd season in the green (started 1st season at 15 mil and ended bellow 2 mil. 2nd season started at 13 mil because I won league and cup and the board injected 5 mil, but the day after I lost 1.5 mil just like that).

    I can't even sell to reduce salaries, and the fact that the loaned out players never came back also doesn't help...

  11. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Achieve that feat 3 years in a row like Messi.

    From those 3, Messi deserved only one. Sneijder and Iniesta should have won on the other two occasions.

    Like it was said, Ronaldo won Ballon D'Or, Champions League, record scorer of CL, best scorer of League, carried the team (again) and this year he even carried his National Team, single handedly getting a place in the World Cup vs. Ibra's Sweden.

    If he doesn't deserve the 99 now, he won't get it even if Portugal wins the World Cup.

  12. So one of my strongest opponents just offered me Xavi (96) for 50 mil.

    Currently I have 149 mil but losing 3.3 mil per week as I'm in a very small team with little revenue. But money wouldn't be much of a problem anyway.

    However, my midfield has Iniesta 97, Schweinsteiger 95, Busquets 95, Oscar 92 and Thiago 91

    I don't necessarily need Xavi, especially since he won't keep the 96 for much longer imho. But on the other hand, signing him would be a shot in the foot for his current team as their midfield would be reduced to Xabi Alonso 95 and Fabregas 95 as the only top players.

    I'm inclined to accept. But what do you guys think?

  13. Re: Desperate for help

    Hey guys.

    After 12 problem-free seasons in my GW, a guy just arrived and he started cheating right away. He doesn't even try to cover anything, he registered into one team as Tiago Gonçalves - tiaaago, and keeps registering into other teams, trades the best players into his first, leaves and goes into another team to do the same, and he's doing this as Tiago Gonçalves - tgonçalves8645892.

    There's also another freshly registered one that might be related, but so far has not made any transfer.

    I've read this topic, read the one that linked to this one, but either I'm blind or I'm not finding where I can report this guy. Could someone tell me step by step where it is, please?

    Even if nothing happens, at least I want to know that I tried to make a difference.


    EDIT: Actually he has more accounts: Tiago Gonçalves - tgonçalves8645962

    Anyway, I found where I can report him. Lets hope it works.

  14. Re: William Carvalho

    I generally agree.

    I'm not so optimistic' date=' but I believe if William moves to a bigger club and performs there, he can reach at least 92, one day. :)[/quote']

    I thought of writing 92/93, but I honestly believe he can become a beast at his position if he moves to the right team with the right coach :)

  15. I didn't find any relevant posts about this wonderkid, so let present him to the people who don't know him already.

    Name: Lazar Markovic

    Age: 19

    Country: Serbia

    Position: Winger/Forward

    Rated: 88

    Current team: Benfica

    Previous team: Partizan Beograd

    This guy is getting consistent first team appearances, with already over 1000 minutes in his 17 matches, 12 of them as a first 11 choice, scoring 5 goals.

    He has also played in the champions league, cup and league cup, and got capped at his national team as well as in the u-21.

    He is a super fast, highly teachnique and creative player, who often runs with the ball dribbling his opponents.

    Let me share with you his goal from his last match where he was the man of the match with many great plays and the goal is just pure genius.

    If the video is not working, try the direct link:

  16. Re: Jan Oblak

    I have him as my No. 1 keeper at the moment' date=' I'm building for the future so I'm not too bothered about the present...

    How long before he goes to 89-90??

    What can he max at???[/quote']

    He's super talented, but young and only recently got his place in the first 11 at Benfica.

    However, in his 13 matches so far he conceeded only one goal, and he definately got the place as first option.

    I believe he'll hit the 89 mark very fast (not during this season though), but seeing as Benfica is so low rated, unfortunately, I can't see him going over 91 while at Benfica.

    If he keeps developing up to his potential, he could be heading to one of the big european teams in the future.

  17. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3

    Marcos Lopes and Ronny Lopes are the same person. So he is taken unfortunately for you.

    Yes, I know it's the same person. The thing that made me think differently was that Snapis wrote Lopez instead of Lopes. Lopez is hispanic while Lopes is portuguese, so I thought he was refering to a different player.

    But it's all good, my choice will be CANCELO, João, 78 - Benfica. Super talented, just need opportunities to shine :)

  18. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3

    Of course you can still join in mate.

    Though unfortunately lopes has already gone' date=' full list of nominations on page one of the thread[/quote']


    Well, I did a search for the word Lopes and I didn't find any thus my choice. I guess it's this one: Snapis - Marcos Lopez

    Well then, my choice is CANCELO, João, 78 - Benfica :)

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