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  1. Re: Game World Maintenance I'm not worried about the games, I'm really worried that when it comes back half my players are not there... And how about risers I was in the process of buying, will they rise and refuse my offer?
  2. psychospin

    MS Access

    Hi guys. I'm only posting this because I'm desperate. Does anyone have MS Access knowladge and is willing to give me a hand? I have a school project to finnish in the shortest period possible and I'm having many problems with it. If there's anyone out there that can help me, please say so. Any help is most appretiated. Cheers.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  4. Re: EPL ratings by Cleg_Yorkshire Hi there. Great job with the ratins. A few questions tough: What do you think about these guys: Kompany, Albrighton, C. Clark? And how likely is Nani to get that 93? Do you think Balotelli has a chance of dropping? Cheers.
  5. Re: My loans got blocked - Help I understand. Although it could be better implemented because it's pretty clear (even to a mathematical algorithm) that I do not benefit in nothing from loaning those specific players. My first 11 players are rated between 88 and 91 while he's are between 84 and 88. The loans were regarding players rated 86 and 87 that I clearly do not use or need. Appart from that, we're in the same division competing for 4th place (there are 3 teams high in the 90's), so, if anything, I'd be hurting my chances... Is there any way for us to prove we're two different persons and to be allowed the loans?
  6. Re: My loans got blocked - Help Actually he did use my computer once to enter his team just after he registered to show me his stuff and ask for advices regarding which players to buy and how to look for risers... I understand that's implemented to prevent cheating, but how do the loans get into that category? Is not like I'm buying his players or he mine...
  7. So, I'm playing SM for a year now, and recently a friend of mine joined my gameworld. In the time I've been playing I've managed to put toghether a 89 average team with plenty of nice reserves and many many prospects. That friend of mine joined a team that has been destroyed a bit by previous owner and is low on cash. At teh same time, he needs some players for crucial positions. So I thought I'd loan him one or two from my reserves. I listed them, he made the loan offer, but when I went to accept it, I got the message that it was blocked... Can anyone tell me why that could be?
  8. Re: Radamel FALCAO I was thinking the same...
  9. Re: Yannick djalo Well, I watch portuguese league Imho Djaló is one of the most inconsequent players around. Sure he can have his odd good game, but he's only all about speed. He's clumsy, no technique, no creativity, poor passing, poor decision making... Sporting has better players in the bench like Salomão, for example.
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Don't see why he wouldn't really. He doesn't have stamina to last the whole 90 minutes of the matches, but with him in the field Benfica's game is much better. He's one of the key players in the team.
  11. Re: Respuesta: Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thre
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I don't really understand why Brigido didn't rise in the last changes, but he will rise now Let me just add some names that seem to me as good prospects: Roderick (19, Benfica) - He will most probably be loaned out next season and he has the chance to finally prove he's a future NT player. Diogo Salomão (22, Sporting) - He's not unknown anymore, but still low rated. I believe that in the near future he'll get a lot more playtime. I don't understand why he isn't playing more regularly right now, I do rate him higher than Djalo... James Rodriguez (19, Porto) - Already rated 86, but he's already way over that in pure talent. Future star imo. Franco Jara (22, Benfica) - By December he was considered one of the worst signings of teh year in Portugal. Now he's playing consistently and scoring important goals, especially in Europa League. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd replace Saviola in the starting 11 sooner rather than later. David Simão (20, Benfica) - Loaned at Paços de Ferreira, he's been one of the most important players this season and already has been granted to spend the summer working with Benfica's first team. Nelso Oliveira (19, Benfica) - Also loaned at Paços de Ferreira, this guy is my personal favorite portuguese youngster. Doesn't play as much has David Simão, but he's already been refered by the NT coach Paulo Bento as the future Fwd for the NT. Caetano (19, Paços de Ferreria) - Another youngster making a name for himself in this team. He doesn't have many appearances but from what I've seen of him, he has potential. Pizzi (21, Paços de Ferreria) - And another one This guy is one of the main frontmen in Paços' attack along with Rondon. Lately he's adding goals to the minutes played. N'Diaye (20, Vitória de Guimarães) - I don't really know what to make of this guy. He's been accumulating appearances as a sarter since January, but the team is underperforming in the same period. Still, he's a young guy to be followed. João Pedro (19, Vitória de Guimarães) - On loan from Palermo. I haven't seen him play yet, but he's getting some minutes as a sub under his belt since he got his loan in the winter market. João Silva (20, União de Leiria) - Last year he got a move from the portuguese 2nd division to Everton, but in this winter market he was loaned to Leiria where he's been trying to find his space. No goals for him yet, but already has appearences for the U-21 NT and he kind of reminds me of Hugo Almeida. Another one to watch. Sergio Oliveira (18, Porto) - On loan at Beira-Mar he almost hasen't played, but he's been refered as one of the most talented portuguese youngsters, even earning a reference in footballwonderkiscout.co.uk. Surely one to keep an eye on. Wilson Eduardo (20, Sporting) - Also on loan at Beira-Mar he's been first choice to substitute in during the matches, granting him many appearances. He's also accumulated a few first 11 spots too. Well, I guess this is it, along with the ones previously mentioned by Machines, but if I remember any others I'll refer them
  13. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!!
  14. Re: Mario Balotelli or Swap? I'd also suggest those plus Sanchez and Cavani.
  15. So guys, I basically have these players in my team and I don't really know what to do with them. Although they are doing great for their teams, it seems hard to me that they will raise much more than they are now, or even raise at all in the near future. What do you guys think? Keep or not? ILICIC, Josip 88 - Palermo's limit is at 89/90 being the 90 players that really stand out. I believe 89 is the max for him and don't see him getting it soon. MARQUEZ, Javi 87 - Although he's the main man in Espanyol's midfield, the team's limit is clearly 88, and the players that have it are the ones that have been playing for the team for a long time or have been consistent in other teams. Marquez is a future 88, but how soon will that happen I have no idea. VICTOR, João 85 - With Mallorca's limit at 88/89 I can see this guy with potential, but he's not exactly a big starter for the team, so I wonder if this 85 will last for quite some time. RONDON, Salomón 86 - He's having a wonderfull season is his first division debut, but with Malaga's limit at 88, being those players mainly internationals for big NT's like Portugal, Argentina and Brazil, and considering Malaga is in the last place of the league, I don't think he'll rise for some time, especially if Malaga relegates (very probable). However, I don't know if there's any romour regarding Rondon linking him to a bigger team, but even if he moves, it's not certain he'll play. EKICI, Mehmet 86 - Both him and Nurnberg are doing great, but the team's limit is 87, and I don't see him getting it at the end of the season. On top of that he's a Bayern Munich player, and if next season he stays with Bayern he'll have a hard time to get minutes. If he gets loanned out again, the recieving team's limit can be a problem to him. SAN JOSE, Mikel 88 - He's doing great for Athletic, who's also doing great in the spannish league, but he will have big problems to reach his team's limit set at 90/91, since those players that have it are regular choices for Spain NT's bench, something that San Jose won't be in the near future.
  16. Re: Respuesta: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Benfica has a few things on their side though. Next season Atletico will have 3 foreign players which is the maximum they can have in spannish league, so Salvio will probably be left out again. Adding to that, Benfica has made good money with David Luiz, and will make more with Coentrão that will surely leave in the summer. All of a sudden those 15M don't seem so much and with the good relations between the clubs, probably it won't be 15 after all. Although Porto is allways in the sideline and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Salvio is playing for Porto next season...
  17. Re: Respuesta: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  18. Re: What the hell just happened? Nope, I didn't recieve any message regarding the bid nor the transfer. He was in Real Madrid and went to Villarreal. When the day changed from 15th to 16th I checked him out and I didn't notice any bid on him (or the bids between external clubs don't show?) or I'd have made my move sooner. I just don't understand why I didn't recieve any message since I got him shortlisted..
  19. So, some time ago some guy sold Lukaku to an external team, and the transfer ban would run out the 16th of March (yesterday). I kept my eyes close on him and of course signed him to my shortlist. I was just about to make my offer when, to may amazement, his transfer is banned untill the 30th... of MARCH... 14 days after the original date. On top of that, he's at another external club. So, as soon as the first ban ran out, he was bought by another club and I got no news about it. He's in my shortlist, I should have recieved a warning that he had been bidded. And the worst of all is that not only he was bidded without me knowing of it, the transfer was concluded in the same day as the ban running out. How can this happen when all transfers take at least 24 hours to conclude? What the hell man....
  20. Re: Player ratings thread Does anyone think Griezmann from Real Sociedad is likely to rise?
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread He was starting to get minutes and doing well when he broke is ankle (maybe not break, not too sure, but he has a nasty injury), so he's out for the remainder of the season. We'll have to wait for next season to see how he develops, but if Porto do sign Silvio from Braga, Rafael will have a really hard time getting minutes...
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