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  1. Re: Promising 80-90 Central Midfielders Previous post is gold. I just want to add a few: AURTENETXE, Jon (CB/LB) - 83 KEVIN, García (LB) - 82 BACINOVIC, Armin (DM/CM) - 85 WILSHERE, Jack (CM/AM) - 87 ILICIC, Josip (AM/W) - 86 CHADLI, Nacer (W/AM) - 85 LAMELA, Erik (AM) - 84 (recent rise) LUCAS, Rodrigues (AM/W) - 83 (recent rise) OLISEH, Sekou (W/FWD) - 80 (will rise soon) There are other good ones out there of course, these are just the ones I have in my team. Also, if you want for other positions I can provide a few more
  2. Re: I Want Real Madrid I don't see anything wrong with SM charging for this kind of stuff. They need to live too... And like everywhere else, you want better stuff, you pay for it. It's not unfair. Btw, it shouldn't be too hard to find what you want, everyday managers quit their teams. I have a Maritimo (medium porgutuese team) that I grabbed at the start of the season nicely built with players like Bonucci, Pedro, Higuain, Tevez, Ozil, Pique, Besquets, etc. It's just a matter of looking out for the right one.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Derby will answer better than me, but imo Maicon is losing his place in the starting 11 to Otamendi. It doesn't mean he won't rise, but I don't see him getting to the level Otamendi can and Rolando is.
  4. Re: Roberto or Asenjo? I'd go for Asenjo too, but with some reservations. If he doesn't play now, the deal is useless because Roberto will keep as the main goalie for Benfica, and Benfica have some chances of doing good in Europa League this season, and have a safe 2nd place in the portuguese league, and is also in semi-finals of both the national cup and the league cup. Imho he'll get a 88 in the next changes, but if all goes well for him and his team he might aim for a 89, although that seems more probable in the changes after the next ones I think.
  5. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Just noticed that Kornilenko from Zenit is now loaned out to Blackpool. Does this mean he won't get reviewed with the russian league?
  6. Re: does anyone know anything about this list of players??? I wouldn't sell Chadli. He's doing amazingly for Twente. He might get a +2 in the next changes imo.
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread After all it did happen: David Luiz moves to Chelsea! Another portuguese confirmed deals of the day (so far): IN Bruno Moraes (78, FWD/W, Gloria Bistrita) to Naval 1º de Maio Tiago Rosa (NoDB, Def, Oriental) to Naval 1º de Maio William (84, CF, Vitória de Guimarães) to Vitória de Setúbal Luiz Carlos (NoDB, GK, Monte Azul) to União de Leiria Lucas Caca (84, AM/FWD, Odense) to União de Leiria João Silva (80, CF, Everton) to União de Leiria Darko Bodul (78, CF, Ajax) to Nacional da Madeira Cepeda (NoDB, Med, Sertanense) to União de Leiria Carlos Daniel (NoBD, CF, União de Leiria) signed a pro-contract Diego Silva (79, GK, Sporting de Braga) to Naval William Tiero (84, CM/RM, CSKA Sofia) to Olhanense Jan Oblak (78, GK, Benfica) to Olhanense João Pedro (80, AM/CM, Palermo) to Vitória de Guimarães OUT David Luiz (90, CB/LB, Benfica) to Chelsea Liesdon (91, CF, Sporting CP) to Corinthians Freddy Adu (82, AM/FWD, Benfica) to Caykur Rizespor
  8. Re: Too many prospects to choose! I wouldn't sell Canales though. I hope that either he starts playing or is loaned out. (Let's hope he doesn't turn into another Bojan... he's a great talent)
  9. Re: Gael Kakuta I believe his point was that since Kakuta has moved to Fulham, he can get a good rise if he plays...
  10. Re: Not getting offers for players Actually Porto lost their manager exactly 6 days ago. EDIT: They have a new manager since like 2 hours ago.
  11. So far everytime I've placed a player in the transfer list, in a day or two I get at least one offer for him from an external club. But I recently placed two players on the list, namely Josef Souza and Walter, both from Porto, but no offers have arrived yet although it was like 5 days ago. Is it normal? The thing is that I'm a bit desperate because I have no cash and I want to invest a bit in the Russian risers. I've already traded some players for others, but these two are way more valuable than the players I want to sign.
  12. Re: How can I find my posts? Never would have guessed it would be under statistics... Thanks dude Repped
  13. Re: Need help with selling/trading - Young team I'm unfamiliar with some of your youth players, but from the ones I know you should definately keep Balotelli, James Rodriguez, Sakho and Schennikov. Wijnaldum is doing good for his team, but the team overall performance has been so bad and he's already their top rated so, no rise for him in the horizon. Airton has great talent imo, but he's hardly playing. And the situation won't change soon, so no rise for him in the horizon also. As for the others I only know stats. Maybe someone that has actually seen them perform will give you better advice than me. As for the GK, he won't rise for sure so if you want to replace him with keepers of the future, go for David De Gea or Joe Hart. As for 91+ players, you have a bunch. From the top of my head: Di Maria, Ozil, Pedro, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Nasri, Muller, Hamsik, Nani, Chamakh. And many many others if you don't mind going down to 89+.
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Just to let everyone know that David Luiz's deal to Chelsea has failed, so don't expect any rase from him for the remainder of the season. On another note, Benfica has also confirmed Lionel CAROLE, 19 year old LB from Nantes. He's to be the backup for Coentrão and SM rates him at just 76. Coentrão will surely leave at the end of the season, so Carole might be a good riser in prospect if he gets play time and delivers good enough performances to keep him in the squad. Also keep in sight Juan Manuel Iturbe (77, Quilmes) and Kelvin Mateus (75, Paraná), both 17 years old and said to have great talent and future. As it seems, both of them have signed with Porto for next season.
  15. Re: will hulk rise from 90-92? Indeed. I just did a quick search and found 4 different views: - He looks like the actor - He's big and strong and dressed green while in Japan - A girlfriend broke up with him because he was too "green"... - When a child he would say to his mother "I want to eat a lot of food to be big and strong like Hulk" So' date=' I guess we just have to pick the one we like the most and live happily ever after At least let me be
  16. Re: will hulk rise from 90-92? You're presenting wikipedia as a prove to a point? Ok' date=' I won't argue because I can't find the text where I read my version. Is that an insult?
  17. Re: Ibrahim Afellay Yeah, it's a waste such good player in such extraordinary team. I don't see him getting much play time except the end of matches. Only a big injury for Xavi or Iniesta can put him in the spotlight imo.
  18. I've been looking for a while now for a post I've made yesterday giving some advice to a user seeking for youth players, but I can't find it anywhere (including the thread), could it have been moved or deleted? If not, is there a way I can find my post history to track down that specific post? Thanks.
  19. Re: GK 81-83 rated who will rise? BAUMANN, Oliver - 82
  20. Re: Strikers on form this season You left Vossen out. But I guess he won't get over 86, don't you agree? Not until he moves anyway imo...
  21. Re: young upcoming RBs As for RB, also keep these in mind (although I don't know if they are in your price range): COSTA, Ricardo (88, Valencia), 29 - CB/RB OTAMENDI, Nicolás (88, Porto), 22 - CB/RB Costa is playing a lot for Valencia, getting many minutes. My guess is that he'll probably rise +1 by the end of the season. Otamendi has been a starter for Porto in latest matches and my guess is that he'll keep the spot, either CB (most likely) or RB, and since he's only 22, we'll be hearing a lot from him in the near future. Plus Porto has everything to do a great campaign in home competitions as well as Europa League which can probably put Otamendi in the 90 by the end of the season (he's also been called for the NT). As for youngsters with a bright future, let me also suggest some: GK - BAUMANN, Oliver (82), 20 - starter for Freigurb. GK - COURTOIS, Thibaut (74), 18 - starter for Genk. Huge rise in prospect! LB - KEVIN, García (82), 21 - getting lots of minutes for Mallorca. RB/RM - DANILO, Luiz (80), 19 - starter for Santos and Brasil U20. CB/LB - AURTENETXE, Jon (83), 19 - just like Kevin, but with Athletic. CB/DM - CLARK, Ciaran (80), 21 - already over 1000 minutes this season for Aston Villa. DM/MC - CASEMIRO, Carlos (78), 18 - lots of matches for São Paulo and starter for Brasil U20. CM/LM - VAN EENO, Lukas (77), 19 - starter for Cercle Brugge. Huge rise comming! CM - NETO, Renato (75), 19 - has been even more amazing than Van Eeno. Huge riser also! AM - LAMELA, Erik (84), 18 - huge talent. Just got a +9. AM/W - ANANIDZE, Jano (84), 18 - over 1000 minutes for Spartak Moskva and starter for Georgia NT. AM/W - EKICI, Mehmet (83), 20 - starter for Nurnberg and already played for Turkey NT. AM/W - LUCAS, Rodrigues (75), 18 - starter for São Paulo and Brasil U20. Massive rise comming! W - CLEMENS, Christian (80), 19 - starter for Koln. W - SIO, Giovanni (72), 21 - starter and best scorer for Sion. Big riser! FWD/AM - VOSSEN, Jelle (84), 21 - 16 goals in 18 starts for Genk. Needs a move though. FWD/W - MLAPA, Peniel (84), 19 - over 1000 minutes for Hoffenheim. FWD - CYRIAC, Gohi Bi (79), 20 - starter for Standard Liege and nice goal scorer also. Well, these are some I know about. I can provide more if needed and I limited myself to 84 rating, but there are a few over that that are in for a good future. I also didn't mentioned the ones with tons of talent but not starters yet for their clubs. Cheers
  22. Re: Thomas Muller vs Angel Di Maria Tough call. I voted Muller.
  23. Re: 15 mil who should i buy Albringhton and James Rodriguez for me.
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