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  1. Will Vilhena go up during the next dutch ratings?
  2. I get thay you need stats etc for your explainations but the simplicity of it is that you have people like Lavezzi, Rossi, Llorente, Sniejder and Huntelaar all in their 91s, now dont tell me these deserve to be better than Sterling and Kane at least in principle, if you simply compare ratings to other player ratings and remove the stats, they are ridiculously inconsistent
  3. So Sterling, Kane, Lukaku, Zouma, Coquelin, Bellerin and Barkley dont deserve rises?.. ..what sort of clueless children are doing these ratings, there are literally 50+ rises i can think of that were either short or never happened
  4. So ive decided to start a new game world that has 3 leagues of 8 teams, with 3 relegated and 3 promoted (no play offs) you start with 300m and the game is at 'very rich economy' setting which means you earn greater cash prizes and stadium upgrades.....However the 24 teams in this game all boast the biggest stadiums in the world, which will help you all with extra income AND all the top clubs are external clubs - giving every manager a fair go at getting hold of the best players!! No Transfer Windows either! ID 242224 Andys 'Big Everything' Gameworld - for some reason it wouldnt let me change t
  5. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Can we also assume Falcao could be looking at 94 now then???
  6. Re: Most profit made on one player Bought David Villa for 30m and sold him for 99m back when the maximum amount for a transfer was 99m!
  7. Re: Belgium - low rated players with minutes Does Mushaga Bakenga still have minutes from Norway to add to his his stats at Brugge?? Ifso is it a bigger rise for him??
  8. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Semih Kaya is a stand out riser - at least +5 - 78-83
  9. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread If you go to the first page, click on the link and look at the top 4 sides..hes done a few definate risers...ie Carillo 83-86 / Rodrigo 85-87/ Garay 89-90/ Rodrigues 89-90
  10. Im on a tight budget with Ceara and am after a young Gk in for a good rise but also likely to go on to good things and continue to rise, hopefully in the long term for my Squad...I just missed out on Robles from Atl Madrld and have heard rumours about Kapino at Panathanaikos maybe heading for a rise too? Are there any others?? Thanks
  11. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? I bought Eden Hazard when he was a 74 for 150k, he then rose 10/3/2/1/1/1...Now worth £26.7m for my Boca Jnrs !!
  12. Re: 90+ cb Koscielny and Lescott are pretty much the definates.....Maybe Barzagli for Juve too?
  13. Re: The Talent Factory [Latest Addition: Espinosa BERNARDO] I Live in Spain on the Costa Blanca in a tiny town called Cuidad Quesada and i remember this kid when he was about 12....he was the son of the groundsman at FC Thader from Rojales and even played for their kids team and as with most the decent youngsters in that area he was signed by Villareal at a very yuong age.....he will be a big player very soon too, very very skillful footballer
  14. Im Stirling Albion and have a budget of about 6m maximum for a young CB? I have M.Kelly, B.Kone, C.Smalling in my team and others like P.Jones and Varane are taken. Im looking for someone who maybe looking at a rise in the near future too? Does anyone have any suggestions, ive looked at Coates, Bartra, Muniesa and Savic but not sure on who has the talent to be a starter sooner?? Thanks in advance
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