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  1. Re: Garvock's Worlds I didn't deliberately ignore you and understand why you would be annoyed if you thought I had. I haven't really paid attention to the forums and didn't see the chat windows (Firefox on Linux with no script plays silly beggars with things sometimes). Either way, apologies for annoying you and best wishes for your leagues; they have been very enjoyable playing in.
  2. Re: Garvock's Worlds Hi Jim What's the criteria for entry into 64340? Got rejected from taking on Div5 team and not sure if I screwed up or not
  3. Re: Stuck Between a Rock and a Comet : ID 66729. I'm doing you ALL a favour by fielding a weakened team . At least for a season or two till I can get Shaktar challenging.
  4. Re: releasing players If you put him up for sale, don't you get any bids? Only really unfair IMO if he's also a player you couldn't sell.
  5. Re: releasing players If you put him up for sale, don't you get any bids? Only really unfair IMO if he's also a player you couldn't sell.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Since when was the offside trap "cheating"? Perfectly executed imo.
  7. Re: wingers between 84-89 Xherdan Shaqiri? Not convinced he'll get a +3 but he's a good potential riser and fits your bill. Now if I could just get the blooming song out of my head everytime I pick him.........
  8. Re: The Trenches Any teams available at the moment? Looking for teams in a challenging and active setup.
  9. Re: Friendlies - Gate Reciepts personally I think that friendlies should run the risk of injuries and your condition should be affected just as in a real game, but with the tradeoff of bringing in the gate receipts. That way you have to balance the ability to generate funds with affecting your real leagues results, just as in real life.
  10. Re: W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D. shortlist/sign up I'll take any team available, be good just to manage in a well run and active league.
  11. Re: The GREAT BRITISH LEAGUE application thread! This looks like a great setup, can I please have Montrose or Ebbsfleet?
  12. Re: W a s t e l a n d Are there any teams available to manage? I'd like to manage in a well run and active league, and the teams in this one look interesting. I'm just about to enter my 100th game in charge of the Daggers in EC5757 (going up this year for sure!) and I've played over 120 games in EC5249, so I'm not one for quitting even when things are getting rough.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Having watched the woeful performance against Wolves, I think you probably need more than a striker. Kyrgiakos is a lumbering oaf who is a total liability at the back. I'd rather play Danny Wilson than this guy.
  14. Re: Squad Sizes Personally the only problem I have with the squad sizes is where people "hog" all of the upcoming talent and let it warm its buttocks on the benches of the youth team, whilst managers of lower league clubs struggle to make a squad. Perhaps an easier way to resolve this might be to simply increase the maximum number of loan players from 3 to something like 5? That might allow a more free flowing loan market for burgeoning young talent that will then allow other teams to enjoy the game worlds too. I've just joined a new game world only to find out that one manager has 242 o
  15. Re: be able to search for free agents ah didn't know it had been removed, I guess it makes sense for the reason you mention above. Pity though. I'm trying to manage Ross County on a shoestring budget, not build a stable of 400 players
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