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  1. Re: Stadium Building I manage Rayo Vallecano in a Spanish set up winning the league cup my first full season and just barely nicking the league last season against clubs such as Barca, Real, Atleti, Villareal, Sporting, which all had divvyed up the best players in the game world amongst them. After my first cup win, the stadium was increased from 15K to 20K and it seems to be stuck there. SM really needs to look at this, someone talked about Grimsby and how it would be unrealistic and I agree but at the end of the day, its a game. Something gotta give otherwise there is no appeal in managing smaller clubs and the status quo continues. And, Rayo is a madrid club, so there can beno excuse like the Grimsby one.
  2. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) I think overall this is good for the game but as many have pointed out, this will be a big problem for smaller clubs. I manage a Rayo and Birmingham City sides that have a lot of good higher rated players but very little money in the bank, particularly Rayo. I just had to sell some players to make cash as I was teetering between 1m and 500k. My stadium capacity with Rayo is only 20,000 so imagine how screwed I will be when I am already suffering to stop my budget from going in the red. All the other managed clubs in the GW have far better players than me but despite this I am first and on the verge of winning the league but because of these new finance rules, this league win may be a one off thing and I may not be able to repeat it again. Not if I have to sell all my good players to pay wages and stop from going in the red. My stadium capacity increased by 5,000 after I finished in a high position last season but it is still not enough. And I find it strange how a small club like Rayo can be punching above its weight, occupying 1st place for so long and yet, i cannot even sell out Vallecas on every home game. SM needs to address these issues concerning small clubs who have highly rated players. As it stands it is good overall but harsh on the underdogs.
  3. Re: New player positions! What bothers me is that the old way is how most people understand the positions. Nobody ever says "oh yeah, hes a great Left Sided Attacking Midfielder". Terms, like AM, Left/Right back, Winger are common and how everybody refers to the positions. Not "left sided defender" or whatever. that is what is annoying. Ronaldo is not a Left sided Attacking midfielder, he is not even a midfielder for goodness sake, hes a "Winger" which is very different form a midfielder period and the new set up has gotten rid of the term completely and replaced it with some false nonsense. Some people are saying yeah we will all get used to it etc. Yes indeed we will; if you take my car away and tell me i have to ride a bike to work from now on, i will be annoyed and eventually i will get used to it, that doesnt change the fact it was more comfortable to drive my car to work. SM should be focusing on improving other aspects of the game that people are asking to be looked at, not changing something that was perfectly fine that nobody ever complained about to begin with
  4. Re: New player positions! I like to go by the saying if it's not broken, don't fix it. Are SM staff so bored that they have nothing better to do than tinker with things that don't need to be changed? honestly, i thought my account had a bug when i saw these stupid changes yesterday. Now wingers dont even exist any more, it's AM (LR) like the ***? Honestly, what was the point of this other than making everything that much more complicated? SM, please sort yourselves out
  5. Re: New position I completely agree. "Sideback" made me chuckle. If RB and LB are to be merged then it should be "Fullback"
  6. Re: SMFA Competitions Random Results The random results if you are not a GM is SMs ploy to frustrate you into buying GM and it worked on me as I got sick and tired of seeing my club losing to small teams left and right. But just a heads up, even if you get GM, still expect random results. I am convinced the game engine simulates SMFA competitions different than league and domestic cup matches to make it more difficult or something because I still often get random dodgy results in SMFA cups much too often for my liking.
  7. Re: Player Kit Numbers I would like to see this implemented as well. It would really make the game more realistic and for the people saying that we would then have to make a squad cam so numbers can't pass 99, there is a simple solution. This whole kit number thing could be optional for every manager. That is to say it would either stay how it is or you could choose to give each player a specific number and if a manager quits the club, then it resets to the default like it is now. But if you choose to do it, then all players in the first team would be given a specific number with players in the youth team not being assigned a number. If you send a player from the first team to the youth team, then they lose their first team number and are assigned a default squad number that is available if they are in the match day squad.
  8. Re: Statistical Appearances I think a feature like this when looking at the player stats would be massively helpful. SM has done a right job of complicating the whole players concerns thing so it would be nice for them to help us out by facilitating the whole process. I manage 11 clubs, imagine all the different players from different clubs that I have to go through, calculating how many matches each one has played and then look at their rating in relation to other players that play in similar positions then calculate how many matches he needs to start. that is ridiculous and time consuming. I spend enough time already going through all my clubs, I don't need things to get even more complicated and time consuming. A feature that calculates for you how many appearances a player has made and how many appearances he expects to make for the season would be a huge help. This way, we don't have to be going through a boat load of players calculating this ourselves and wasting time. We could look at this feature, then try to get each player to play his quota of expected matches. And PLEAS SM, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD put the scroll-over statistics feature BACK to how it was!
  9. Re: Club player records I think this is a good idea, moreso for me because I have two clubs that I have been managing for around 10 season. It would be useful to look into the clubs history and see stats on like the All time scorer for the club, players with the most appearances, most assists and maybe even see which players won cups with your club in the past. I also noticed that although SM keeps stats of how many appearances, assists, goals etc a player has made for a club, those stats are only for the league and not for other cup competitions.
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