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  1. Re: Rodrigo ALEX. should i sell him or keep ?
  2. with the arrival of Ibrahim AFELLAY, maybe FABREGAS in the near future and still Javier MASCHERANO and other world class midfielders in barcelona do your all think that Dos Santos JONATHAN is worth keeping ? will he continue to rise ?
  3. Re: John Obi Mikel will he rise or stay due to chelsea`s recent form ?
  4. will he rise in the next rating change ?
  5. Re: rising CB can you name some ? i cant find
  6. Re: Alexis Sanchez so he wont rise if he stays ?
  7. what do you think of having players to choose their preferred club to play for ?example when a player at newcastle is being short listed by a few clubs and he is not happy with newcastle he can send a (come and get me)request to a club he wished to play for among all that shortlisted him ?when he moved to his desired club his morale increase? because during the transfer ban period we cannot offer them contract to increase their morale.but its still decided by the manager if he sells.
  8. Re: Uruguay-primera division riser´s! FEDERICO RODRIGUEZ rising to about 80+? you sure bout that ? the team max is only 80 ?
  9. Re: MLS Ratings 2010 - by Totti417 no more rating change for MLS and J-league?
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) Eren DERDIYOK up to 89 ?
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