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  1. Re: Lamela Definitely. He has a massive future ahead of him.
  2. Re: xavi deal This deal is a no brainer. Do you really need advice on this deal?
  3. Re: Lucas Moura On what planet is Ronaldo NOT a whiney showoff????? You're crazy..
  4. Re: Best Formation - Roma ok thank you for your input
  5. Re: Best Formation - Roma Thanks for the advice...
  6. I seem to be currently stuck in a rut where weaker teams are constantly beating me.. I play the 3-5-2 formation with hard tackling, attacking mentality, direct passing, attacking through the middle, fast tempo, pressing all over, tight marking and use playmaker where Ribery is assigned this role. The following is my squad: Starting: Neuer Kompany Terry Hummels Mata Ribery Pepe Ozil Sanchez Higuan
  7. Do you guys think this deal is worth it? I would be getting Aguero..
  8. Hi guys, just wanted a quick opinion of which player you guys think I should go for and in what order if possible from the following list of players: PJANIC, Miralem LEWANDOWSKI, Robert VAN DER WIEL, Gregory WITSEL, Axel WILLIAN, Borges BENDER, Sven LLORIS, Hugo Note: None of these players would be in my starting lineup, purely for growth. Thanks in advance!
  9. Re: please hurry...silva for vidic...do it? Keep Silva. United won't be making any big impact in Europe anytime soon..
  10. Re: gareth bale he will stay this time round
  11. Re: Who's better Vidal has a small chance of a rise from what I have read from other forum users.
  12. Re: Respuesta: Re: Next ratings for these players why would he drop?
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