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  1. Will either SON, Heung-Min and BEGOVIĆ, Asmir get a rise to 90 in the next player changes
  2. Which one of the 2 has the highest potential rating as a left back
  3. Who has the higher potential future rating and are either likely to go up in the next rating change
  4. What 2 of the 3 players are the best buys which ones have the higher future potential
  5. M'villa is currently 91 but Kroos will probably rise to 91 in the next rating changes who is a better buy for now and for the future
  6. i currently have Lewandowski is it worth trading him for Muniain also who will end up with the highest raiting
  7. Who is the better buy in the long run?
  8. should i trade sven bender for jerome boateng who will end up the higher rating they are both the same rating pretty much the same age they both play for the top clubs in germany
  9. i currently have schieber of dortmund is it worth swapping him for zaha
  10. which player will be higher rated in the future both the same age both play for top clubs
  11. who is the better buy and who will rise the highest in the future
  12. should i swap LEWANDOWSKI for BALOTELLI they are the same rating but BALOTELLI is younger but LEWANDOWSKI will move from germany at the end of this season also who will have the higher rating in the future
  13. gideon


    there is a club in my gold gameworld managed by someone who has been suspended if i put a bid in on one of his players will it accept it automaticly like the club is external or unmanaged or will i have to wait 30 days for him to be kicked out of the club please help
  14. What will he rise to in the next changes and what is his highest potential
  15. I currenty have GÜNDOĞAN but is it worth swapping him for ERIKSEN and which one will be the highest rated in the future
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