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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread And we have a new contender for the new dimension! I don't think we need a miracle worker Safir. Just round pegs in round holes.. For the international folks; that means playing players in proper positions. You can't have Santi Cazorla trying to battle Matic in DM there's only one winner. Even average players like Tiote or Nzonzi could terrorise our fancy playmaker-turned-defensive-midfielders. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Nope. Sign 2 DM's or play Coquelin and sign 1DM. Also we need a centre back and to sell Podo and buy an AML. It's obvious we've needed defensive signings for years. Playing Wilshere/Ramsey/Arteta in DM I was struggling and all I did was play some ball winners and that was like a magic wand. It actually made me angry that such a glaringly obvious flaw has been overlooked by such a legendary manager for consecutive seasons. Just saying the changes I'd like to see in this January window.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread So I had a go on SM2015. I picked Arsenal and I realised something (realised before but this confirmed my suspicions). The players that we have are actually capable of greatness like Wenger keeps saying. The reason we aren't doing better is purely Wenger's mis-management of the team. The main thing is having players play out of position. SM2015 has these descriptions of 'playmaker', 'ball winning midfielder' etc. We've got playmakers in ball winning DM positions, fullbacks at centre half, and strikers in midfield. Flamini is a ball winner but not really good enough, there's better players. All I did was sign 2 ball winners plus a centre half and the difference was clear. Now that Coquelin (ball winner) is back lets hope he stays in the team as I think the balance of the side was pretty much spot on against West Ham: GK FB CB CB FB DM DM AMR AMC ST ST We did have Welbeck on the left and he can play there but I'd rather see Podo. What does this guy have to do to get a game? We might as well sell him and buy someone that will actually play AML. I've heard talk that Winston Reid is available for £4m. He got skinned by The Ox and looked rash with no composure against us, even gave away a penalty. But all things considered (CB, PL experienced, settled in London, cheap) I think he'd be ideal to solve our immediate defensive crisis and when everyone is fit he'll just be backup or competition for Mertesacker and Chambers. I've heard more talk of William Carvalho this time for a cut price £20m. If he's available I say get him in. Haven't seen him play but he's a highly rated ball winner who is young and will improve. Sorry for the essay What you guys think? I reckon make these signings, keep Coquelin in the team and we'll see a huge improvement.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Lets hope Per hasn't read that he'll probably be found in a bathtub with an electric heater still plugged in and the laptop he read it on in there too.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread About time' date=' he's been back from injury long enough. Can't wait to see Sanchez/Welbeck/Walcott! Robbie Earle did the analysis showing how Traore let Alexis have free reign before he scored. Classic Traore .
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Did it the hard way but got the 3 points. We're gonna miss Giroud but maybe Welbeck's performances will improve if he plays through the middle?
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread And for my next trick I will predict that Arsenal will Sign top players one day.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Merry Xmas to you and yours mate Well, so close to January there is the very merry prospect of actually signing some defensive players.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Why does everyone think Ty is an idiot? He loves the club and is an optimist. What's wrong with that?
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Aren't we playing Wednesday? Either way he's got talent he can handle it. I'm more worried about who's playing in front of him!
  11. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Does anyone know if PS3 gamers can play PS4 gamers on FIFA 15? I read it definitely is possible to do, just depends on if the game developer catered for that functionality.
  12. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I'm an ex Pro Evo man so all this is new to me. What's FUT?
  13. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Just got FIFA 15 anybody on PS3? Add me: PC_MAN_LDN Can you believe my pro scored 4 goals in 4 games then got injured for 3 months?
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread What part of backup don't you guys understand? I know we've had Silvestre Squillaci and loads of trash but the fact remains that we might struggle to put 4 recognised defenders on the pitch soon. The reason we got knocked out in the cup is because we didn't have any backup defenders. Playing Coquelin at LB isn't a good idea. Lugano is a free transfer. Give the dude a 3 month contract and get a decent replacement in January just do something.
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Chambers replaces Jenkinson and Sanga's ability to cover CB. I'm sure Wenger publicly stated he wanted to replace Vermaelen.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread As always Wenger is over cautious in the transfer market. There were some half decent Free transfer options available: Yepes, Lugano, Yobo. Yepes had a solid world cup has played at the highest level and for a free transfer could have been ideal back up. It really was mad to let Vermaelen go and not replace him.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well not a good result bust still progress on last year's result. I'm not convinced that Chambers should play RB. Can't see the value in Santi at CM either.
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Shambles of a performance and result. Something like 34 shots and 6 on target? No one even seems surprised.
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Honestly I think the board signed Ozil. Fabregas is a better player. I would've bought Cesc and benched Ozil or rotated him with Cazorla on the wing. I think Wenger will regret passing up on Baloteli. I hope we have enough firepower to beat Leicester which is a shambles just thinking that. If Ramsey doesn't score.... Who will?
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I can't believe Monreal has played centre half for us. Who'd have thought? Not too sure about that lineup, Chambers and Mert never played together. Ozil or Wilshere on the wing? Looks experimental. This profile makes this guy look good... http://www.ftbpro.com/posts/crippy.cooke/1194825/5-things-arsenal-fans-will-want-to-know-about-transfer-target-kostas-manolas/coveted-by-top-sides-in-the-last-12-months
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