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  1. I'm currently 3 points behind 1st place and we're 10 games into the season, so I'm looking for areas that could be improved. My main formations are: 3-5-2 / 4-2-3-1 / 4-5-1 / 4-4-2 Diamond I'm thinking of buying a CF since Santa Cruz isn't exactly amazing, considering going after Llorente or possibly Mario Gomez. Available Budget: 23.5 Million
  2. Hello. David Silva 94 is obviously a top class player in real life. Unfortunately for me his record at the moment is 2 goals (in one Cup Game) and 0 assists in 11 appearances. Malaga (external club) have offered 27.4 million for him which I'm tempting to accept and invest in the squad. So the question is; should I sell him or hold on to him?
  3. I want to swap Balotelli for either Cavani or Robinho? Which would be better?
  4. Re: Manchester City Team I've got to wait till Wednesday to play a friendly.
  5. Re: Manchester City Team Thanks for that man, I'll give it a go
  6. Re: Manchester City Team Are there any specific RB/RM - LB/LM or CM/DM players you would recommend outside of the English Championships?
  7. Re: Manchester City Team 4-2-3-1 is my preferred formation.
  8. Hello, what should I improve on? First 11 (4-2-3-1) Hart Richards Pepe Kompany Clichy De Jong YToure Sanchez Silva Nasri Aguero Subs: Pantilimon Lescott Kolarov Barry Milner Johnson Dzeko/Cavani
  9. Hello. I was wondering if someone paid ridiculous amounts for lets say: Cristiano Ronaldo 100mil, Messi 100mil and Iniesta 80mil. They still get the players if I'm not mistaken. They simply go into debt and are unable to purchase anymore players. There must be another catch to going into debt, as you could simply buy an Ultimate Team then that would be it? So my question is: what's the other catches of going into debt? Thanks.
  10. Hello. Could someone please tell me when I will find out if my offer for a player that is at an external/unmanaged club will be accepted/rejected? Thanks.
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