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  1. Re: Sell RVP? I wouldnt take the deal if its not Gotze and Sanchez, Phil Jones wont ever make your first team and imo is overrated. Plus i think you'd have to be playing SM for 2 more seasons to even think about Gotze being higher rated than RVP, yes the deal is probably better in the long run, but only in the very very long run
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap my Modric for Schweinsteiger?
  3. Re: Ibrahimovic and Thiago transfer! Ibra could drop 1 MIDWAY through the season if hes not electric, I think Thiago will stay, it would be a crying shame if he didnt as imo he's the best CB in the world right now
  4. Re: Luka Modric If he goes to Madrid he will mostly likely play the role Esteban Granero did last season, a No 10 who provides a more cohesive link between midfield and attack than Ozil did or cover for Alonso, as a deep lying playmaker. Grabero got 28 appearances last season, so we can expect modric to get 30+, if not all starts 9esp if kaka leaves) so i reckon he could hit 94 possibly 95 at madrid. Obviously he'd be massive for united, and would probably get 95 quicker, anywhere outside EPL id say a max of 94 only if he plays very well for 2 seasons on the trot
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sell meireles for 25mil, not in my first team, have reasonable cover, but money isnt worth alot in my game world, except for if players get concerns thoughts?
  6. I'll be getting Schweinsteiger and have ample back up for Terry, good deal?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... thanks guys ill probably keep eriksen, but if he doesnt move on in the summer i think i will
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... should i sell Christian Eriksen for 26mil? My team has an average rating of 92/93 and im in a pretty competitive gameworld thanks!
  9. Which goalkeeper should i buy to be my backup? or should i go for another young promising goalkeeper? basically im looking for the most promising one, who'll get the highest peak rating?
  10. Re: Most likely person to rise to 99 None of them
  11. Re: ronaldo= iniesta+ sanchez? As others have said, depends on how high you think Sanchez will go, not having watched alot of him i cant say. Also whats the rest of your squad like?
  12. Re: Iniesta decision I would definitely do this, and if your worried about loosing strength in depth remember you could easily swap Iniesta for two 93/94+ players once his transfer ban is up
  13. Re: De Jong and Terry for Marcelo? Oh yeah i have Benatia and Musacchio as well as Ivanovic i can move inside and play Van der Wiel at RB, so im not short of defenders, i just hope i can now get a world class CM as thats my one weakness
  14. Good deal or am i giving away too much? I have Thiago and Kompany at CB and Modric, Merieles, Wilshere, Hernanes, M'vila at CM, and Schmelzer is my LB
  15. Re: Ribery for Sneijder i would suggest trying to get the cash down a bit, to around 10mil. If that doesnt work i would accept only if you have plenty of money, or its a competitive gameworld.
  16. Re: How is Javier Hernandez still only 90?! Also in the same vein, no rise for Soldado either??? they have made some errors with these changes. I know its probably not going to happen, but i hope SM will just run over the major leagues again and right some of the major wrongs they've made, starting with the strikers
  17. Re: Darren Fletcher From my experience SM do drop players who have a series of niggling injuries over a sustained period, but players who have one single long (6months-a year) injury dont get dropped, so id say hes safe
  18. Hasnt been close to his best this season and AVB's use of a high line has illustrated this. Just sifting through the forums i havent really seen anyone suggest he may drop to 93, but what do people think?
  19. Re: Ramsey or Cleverley? Just to clarify, i dont think cleverly is our best centre midfielder, i think he is our most important, as hes the only one who can do the job of setting up plays unlocking defences and generally connecting midfield and attack, i think thats why he has looked the 'best' when he has played for united But i would probably echo what others have said and go for Ramsey short term, Cleverly long term
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Got an offer for Diego Milito of 15mil + Reame Xandao should i accept? will milito drop this time?
  21. I wpuld be getting Fabregas and have Schmelzer as backup for Coentrao, accept it?
  22. Re: Schweinsteiger deal Yes i would do that, neither player your losing, whilst have potential, are not going to shoot up, i would go for it
  23. Re: R.SOLDADO for ADEBAYOR id be tempted to go for Soldado, who could well rise this time round, whereas Adebayor for me would have to do more to rise to 92, so its soldado for me
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Depends if you can get anyone decent with the difference, i think youd have to get a good prospect/ 92+ to compensate for the fact Kaka wont be a permanent fixture for Madrid. As for dropping i doubt either will at the moment, but id say over the long run Kaka will drop more
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