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  1. Re: Benoît ASSOU-EKOTTO will he rise ? I don't think he is a 90 just yet. He got a roasting off your man Coleman for Everton. Match of the day made a right show of ASSOU-EKOTTO. They slated him. I know its only one game but it all makes a difference. Speaking of Coleman he may get another rise, he has been consistently good for Everton. I don't know why he isn't starting for Ireland!!
  2. Re: Player concerns thanks a lot. how do i do that?
  3. I have GYAN for my Sheffield Wednesday team, who is one of my best players, so i play him every game. In fact this season he scored 19 goals in 22 games. But he has started to develop concerns : "Concerned about his lack of games (Minor Concern)" I simply cannot understand this as he is playing every game for me week in week out. Can some one help as I do not know what to do. Thanks, irishbuck
  4. I believe that gael clichy is one of the most overrated players on the DB. He has to drop surely. 90,89 maybe. The only reason he is rated so highly is because he is playing for arsenal. He is a defender who is incapable of defending. He made a terrible mistake against Shakhtar Donetsk, when they lost, for eduardos goal. He again made a mess of park's goal for man u in the 1-0 victory as he failed to get close. These were crucial errors and cost Arsenal dearly. Personally I think Arsenal should sell him and try out Gibbs to see if he is up to it. Mistake for Eduardo's goal. 0:44 A8-HNpdWeuk Mistake for Park's goal vYMIZ0E1WT0
  5. Re: Ivanovic I agree he is the best player chelsea have got at the minute. Brilliant in the air both for attacking and defending situations. Should defo get a 93. How can a player of Ivanovic's class be the same rating as that Clichy chap. Clichy is pure useless. (i know Ivanovic isn't a LB but you see my point)
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