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    i'm looking for central defender 89 who will be in next review 90+
  2. can he rise? +1
  3. hello, i have 20 mln i can buy one of this player: Balotelli, El Shaarawy, SHAQIRI Xherdan, James Rodriguez, Lamela. Who will be the best option and rise? Please classifications players?
  4. hello, Hello, I am looking for a striker (preferably young) who grows up in the next ranking of 90/91 + 1/2. thanks for suggestions.
  5. tso7


    How much he will drop? to 94? 93?
  6. Hello, I have 12 million and looking for a player who can play as left back. i can buy one of this players: ZHIRKOV, Yuri VARGAS, Juan BOCCHETTI, Salvatore TAIWO, Taye FILIPE, Luís KOLAROV, Aleksandar SCHAFER, Marcel ARMERO, Pablo WALKER, Kyle Who should I choose? which player has a chance to rise?
  7. MARTIN, Marvin PAYET, Dimitri WILLIAN, Borges GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi SOW, Moussa MARIN, Marko ????????
  8. How much them drop or stay.? Forlan 92? Torres 94?
  9. Re: Is this a good deal for Puyol? i wouldn't do this. Puyol play very well and for next 2 years shouldn't drop and Ramos won't rise soon.
  10. Re: Sahin Or Gourcuff gourcuff for 100%
  11. Re: Help with Real Madrid Ratings Predictions!! GK - Casillas 95->95 LB - Marcelo 91->92 RB - Ramos 94->94 CB - Carvalho 93->93 CB - Pepe 93->93 CB - Albiol 92->92/91 LM - Di Maria 91->92/93 RM - Leon 89->89/88 DM - Diarra 92->92 AM - Ozil 93->93/94(propably end of season) CM - Khedira 91->91 CM - Esteban 89->89 CM - Gago 90->90 AM - Canales 87->87 FWD - Benzema 93->93 FWD - Higuain 94 ->94
  12. i have Lampard and i thinking about sell him. he will drop, stay? definitley won't rise. i would like to sell him before falling his raitng.
  13. Re: Subotic or Luiz? D. Luiz for me
  14. Re: N.De Jong or S.Khedira? khedira 100%
  15. Re: I want a winger 89 or 90 rated due to rise Sanchez, Hazard.
  16. i'm looking for right winger 90+, any suggestion? Navas, Ribery, Pedro are not available. I'm thinking of buying Lisando Lopez but is rather forward.
  17. Stay, rise or drop? I can buy him for 16 mln, It's a good deal?
  18. Re: Alonso and Fabregas You have absolutley raight, alonso deserve for 95, he's better than fabregas.
  19. I looking for rb and i have the possibility pucharse him. It's the better option than Van der Wiel, Johnson, Santon?He will be stay, drop or rise? What is potential? 91?
  20. Re: bosingwa, nani sorry, my misteke. thanks for advice
  21. tso7

    Nani deal

    Re: Nani deal thanks everyone, i do this deal.
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