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  1. Re: ADRIÁN, López or Callejon No question about it: Adrian Lopez, mate.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello, to all of you beautiful people. One quick question: I am considering trading Ozyl + Sahin for Iniesta. what do you guys think? The highest ratings in my team are Thiago Silva 94, Chiellini 94, David Silva 94, Ozyl 94, Mascherano 93, Modric 93, M. Gomez 93, Robinho 93, Neuer 93, Cavani 92, VDV 92, Mata 92, Hazard 92, Sahin 91, Coentrao 91, Gotze 91, J. Martinez 91, Subotic 91 ... and so on. I could easily set up 2 squads without Sahin and Ozyl and I still have doubts for this deal... You think I should keep Sahin + Ozyl for the long run or maybe try to ge
  3. Re: What are these arrows what you can add to player ? ok, So it is better to have them or not? How can the arrows help a tactic ?? Anyone can explain ??
  4. Re: Mats Hummels for Mascherano? Guys, may I ask you wheather you would trade Cambiasso in order to get Mascherano ??
  5. Re: Grosskreutz or Lopez Adrian? Why would you go for Kevin G? when Adrian Lopez is as Falcao a scoring beast at a lower level. He was the goalscorer of Under21 in Denmark 5 games - 5 goals. Plus he scored twice last night in the victory 3-1 at Under24.... Grosskreutz will not play when Reus will join Borussia after summer. This is my opinion... And do you see grosskreutz more than 90?? I personally go for Lopez. In the meantime I found Doumbia from CSKA so it is okay - problem solved.
  6. Hi Guys, which one of these two players would you get to complete your striker list? I play with two strikers and I have Mario Gomez, Robinho and Cavani. Thanks for your help!!
  7. Re: The Tevez Saga Tevez, as you said, will most probably move to either of the before mentioned teams: PSG, Real Madrid or Inter. Anzi is excluded as Tevez is rather medium aged so he has no reason now to move there and get the cash. Everybody with Tevez, keep him, why sell ... ?? Adebayour was in the same situation and what happened?? He is just fine. For at least 3 months Tevez will be 94 so get out there and kick some asses!! Don't be so quick judgers on players
  8. I received an offer of Pato + 5mil for my Robinho. Is this a good deal for me? Robinho is a starter along with Tevez and Ozyl. I have substitute Pedro. In case I will sell robinho, Pedro will become a starter and Pato will go to my second/cups squad. How good this offer will be for me or not? Cheers, Marcus
  9. Re: Buy Ozil for what: 2 players like Gomez and Lukaku? Hi guys, just trying to save some threads, I am asking a question here: Should I give Ozyl for Fabregas and Wilshere ... ? I am quite attached to Ozyl and don't know what to do honestly as these two players are quality ??!!
  10. Re: walcott, juan mata or m'vila I'd say Mata any day, mate Drop Walcott and get Mata while you can!!
  11. Which one should be the best buy investment wise? (They are all External) 1. Gary Cahill (Bolton) -25 years 2. Frederik Sorensen (Juventus) - 18 years 3. Mathias Jorgensen (FC Kobenhavn) - 21 years 4. Sebastian Coates (Nacional) - 20 years
  12. Which youngsters/upcoming players would you go for it? Erick Torres (Chivas) Nils Petersen (Bayern) Vaclav Kadlec (Sparta Praha) Bonfim Dentinho (Shaktar Donetsk)
  13. Re: Xherden Shaqiri SHaqiri is vvorld class! Currently no.1 in national team '21 and first starter in the senior squad - he played Champions League vvith FC Basel )) A must buy, he vvill end up as a vvinger not LB though!
  14. Re: Schmelzer + R. Zieler = Marcelo Yes, you already have good cover and Marcelo is safe at Real Madrid
  15. Re: cavani for hulk? In my game Cavani played more and has better results compared to Hulk: Cavani 146 games 48 goals, 41 assists, 21 Man of the Match Hulk 110 games 22 goals, 20 assists, 5 Man of the Match but in my team Cavani has been awful: 21 games, 5 goals, 6 assists, 1 MOM so I have to try how Hulk will play in attack along with Nilmar and Mata!
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