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  1. I knew of him as he was in Malta playing for Pieta up until last year, but he has since moved to Inter, recently playing against Arsenal at Emirates. He is also a full Hungarian international after playing 5 minutes against latvia and has been included in the lastest Hungarian squad to face Italy later this month. Described as a playmaker, i beleive he can also play on the right and is rated 73. Don't anticipate any big rises soon as Inter wont give him many games, but a big talent, and a full international.
  2. Re: argentinean league thread Quick question Teje... Raúl Marcelo BURZAC at River. How much do you know of him. I've heard one report comparing him to Riquelme??
  3. Re: Ahmed BARUSSO Barusso is now recovered from his injury, has just signed for AS Roma for the coming season and is still rated 80. Go and get him. bargain.
  4. Re: need recommendations Banega Cavani Hamsyk Vidal Dessena Jimenez Barusso Hable
  5. Sunday began his career in his native Lagos with FC Ebedei and Jegede Babes. In 2003, Sunday participtaed in two youth championships in Sweden and Spain; in Madrid he participated in the third edition of the Annual Immigrants Mundial, where he impreesed so much that he was given a five-year-contract with Poli Ejido His recent performances have attracted interest from Real Madrid, Real Betis, Deportivo La Coruna, Valencia CF, Celta Vigo and Liverpool F.C. . However, Valencia appear to be the likeliest to sign the young player. rated 82 on sm - looks very good
  6. Re: Any good CB's or other Defenders Try these. Some may rise quicker than others but they will all make 84+ no problem Ondrej MAZUCH Matias CAHAIS Federico FAZIO Ever BANEGA Miki ROQUE Emiliano INSUA
  7. Re: Ambrosini. Good player but doesnt deserve an increase in my opinion. Started just 6 serie A games this season, 4 times last season and 9 the season before that. In fact he has only played about 50 games in 6 seasons... thats not enough!
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  9. Re: Improving Valencia personally id use that money to invest in good young playes. have a look in the player scout section of the forum, or let us know what type of player you'd like (e.g. age, rating, position) and we can offer some suggestions. If you would rather speand all your cash on improving your 1st 11 id suggest a new CB. Vidic is currently 91 and im sure will go up very soon
  10. Re: Edison CAVANI Cavani made his debut for Palermo today as a second half sub and scored a cracking volley to level the game with Fiorentina. He looks a fantastic player. Reminds me of Batistuta.
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    Re: help Theres a lot of good prospects out there. Can you be more specific? i.e. age, rating, positions you're looking for
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    Re: LEE CAMP I like him, he has been involved with various England youth setups and is a talented keeper. But to answer your question... no he wont move up, if any thing probably down. He has started rangers last 3 games since royces performance against southend, however before that he hadn't played a game since being on loan at norwich earlier in the season
  13. Re: Done Post.Not Done Post The problem is if there is more than one thread about the same subject, the posts will be split between the threads. So we can't have a proper debate as some people will post on one thread and some on another. When a thread exists about a player whose rating you want updated, you can just post on that existing thread
  14. Re: the best tea inthe wirld(seriously this one has proper teams)!! I think everyone would agree that over the last 2 years (before this season), Barca were the best side in the world, probably followed by Chelsea. Before that, when they had their unbeaten season, Arsenal were on top. This season it hasn't been so clear. So we are in a transitional phase, there isn't one team really outperforming all others. The big question is which will be the next team to really dominate for a period of time, as Barca have done over the last 2 years. My money is on Arsenal as their young players seem to se
  15. Re: the best tea inthe wirld(seriously this one has proper teams)!! To answer the point of the thread... I dont think its very clear at all who is the best team in the world right now. Inter are obviously miles clear in serie A, and to be fair have done very well, but in circumstances which has left the whole of Italian football a bit uninterested by their success. Man Utd are playing their best football for some time, and should become Champions. However i haven't been that impressed recently, they have had a lot of luck (a good sign of champions) and have had the fortune of keeping a se
  16. Re: BURDISSO nicolas yes he went crazy.. and then ended up with a broken nose
  17. Re: BURDISSO nicolas Id agree, he has done enough in the last few months to go up. Hasn't played much before new year so i would give him an 89 at this stage. If he stays in the Inter team untill the end of the season a 90 wouldn't be out of the question
  18. Re: the best tea inthe wirld(seriously this one has proper teams)!! erm.. schalke & psv BUT NOT REAL MADRID??? Internacional... world club champions!
  19. Re: who is the best team in the world very true, australia is included in the world. but do you really think any of the a-league clubs can claim to be 'the best in the world?' Maybe you could start a separate thread about the best team in Australia?
  20. Ahmed BARUSSO Has impressed a great deal this season in Serie B for Rimini. Rated 80 and a target for a host of top clubs. This is from Wikipedia.... A rising star midfielder known as Ciro to his friends, the 1984-born starlet is making an impact after helping Manfredonia win triple promotion from the amateur Leagues to Serie C1. The Ghanaian is a ball-winning defensive midfielder who comes equipped with a devilish shot from long distance. His powerful, physical and technical style of play has been compared to other Ghana-born players. In particular a more technical Desailly, a physical Mu
  21. Re: Young Talented CB's A few are.... MIGUEL VELOSO Martin CACERES Ondrej MAZUCH Matias CAHAIS Federico FAZIO Jonatan MAIDANA Gerard PIQUE
  22. Re: who is the best team in the world Very strange thread! Youve asked for the greatest team in the world but left out the world club champions, Internacional. Chelsea and Valencia are missing too?? And you have included a list of A-League clubs... dont really understand!
  23. Re: Armand TRAORE He hasn't even made a substitute appearance in the Premiership remember. Arsenal's cup sides always feature youngsters as that is how Wenger preferes to do it. The best thing to do is count how many games he plays between now and the English ratings update, now that Arsenal are out of both domestic cups. This may give you a fairer indication of how close he really is to a first team place.
  24. Re: english rating changes ? who wil change
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