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  1. Re: Alan Dzagoev Thanks mate. Cause i'll be buying a lot of players so i thought i needed more money dzagoev can fetch me some money. (:
  2. Re: Alan Dzagoev how about holtby, schurrle and ljajic. I'm trying to buy pedro so.. I'd be needing a lot of money. Thanks in advance. (:
  3. I'm finding funds to buy jack rodwell. should i sell him to fund the deal?
  4. Re: Simon Kjaer thanks mate! i was trying to find ways to fund a deal for schmelzer for my norwich city. any idea who should i sell then? thanks. (: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=gameworldclubs_new
  5. Looks like a great prospect, but wolfs have been doing badly this season. so do i sell him or keep him?
  6. Re: Simon Kjaer, Chamakh, Dzeko thanks ! would buying de gea be a better choice or neuer? i have lloris with me. so yea.
  7. Sell or keep? need money for de gea! ;b thanks guys!
  8. Re: Edin Dzeko okay, thanks a lot people. I'll keep him for now. (:
  9. hello. do you think i should sell him? doesn't seem to be doing that well at cityy. thanks for the help dudes!
  10. who would be a better buy between this two players?
  11. Re: Who should i sell? I thought Both santos junior and soumahoro would be in for an increase of rating. okay. i might sell koscielny to get subotic. (: thanks.
  12. Re: Who should i sell? hahas. thanks! (: anyway to improve it?
  13. Re: Who should i sell? anyone able to help me? (:
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