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  1. Re: Chairmen valuing deals a couple of months ago a team put ronaldo on the transfer list now my arsenal team was very rich and i new i had 3 great midfielders of a quality i wanted but my left wing did not have players to the same quality as the rest of my midfield i had been looking for a winger for quite a while and when i saw ronaldo up for sale(part exchange) i thought i may as well try for him so i put in a bid of 80m plus giuseppe rossi and cesc fabregas two players who i didn't want(fabregas wasn't playing great for me and in the end i stopped playing him) my chairman would not allow the deal to go through even though i was happy with it so i tried a different i cant remember now but fabregas plus someone plus 65m my chairman wouldnt allow it so i got really stuck and offered fabregas plus rossi with no money the deal was not accepted but various teams put in bids and a division 2 team put in a bid of 80m plus menez plus dzeko now if i couldn't offer 65m plus fabregas-lv1 unhappy and rossi-3rd choice striker(low morale) then how can a second division team put in a higher bid its not fair i think that if the chairman don't like it then we should be able to explain why(e.g. this player is concerned about his lack of games i do not need him so i am willing to swap him) all we could maybe kill the chairman
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread well i'm not entirely sure if this counts as small but its important when yo take over a team all the unhappy players should go down to at least level 1 unhappy or if not should not be unhappy at all because when you take over a team and the players that you are planning on using are lv. 4 unhappy you don't even have time to figure out whether or not you are going to have the player in your starting 11 for most matches or if you need to sell them and sometimes it forces you to abandon teams it's not your fault they're unhappy.
  3. jesus fernandez saez or also known as suso is a skillfull spanish fwd/am that english legends liverpool f.c singed in the summer before the 2010/11 season of the english premier leauge he arrived at liverpool academy from spanish team cadiz cf at the young age of 16 and on the 19 november 2010 when he turned 17 he singed he's first profesinal contract for liverpool, he now currently plays for liverpool reserves. .name-jesus fernandez saez (suso) .born-19 nov 1993 .born in-cadiz,spain .age-currently 17 .team-cadiz c.f(spain)~?-2010, liverpool f.c(england)~2010-present .position-fwd/am he looks like he wll become a fantastic player and is already a good youth player and i would be delighted (and im sure others would be to) if he was avalible on this website and i would definatley try to get him on one of my teams and im not suprised he's not on this website as he not widley know but one day he willl be great.
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