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  1. Re: The REAL World Championship Marseille are interested in the U23 cup,Looking foward to the coming season.Goodluck everyone!
  2. Re: The REAL World Championship Lost on penalties after a 2-2 draw against city in the SMFA Shield,wasnt expecting a 352 from them and it beat me again!
  3. Re: The REAL World Championship Congrats to milan and those who got promoted,and about the 352 thing id be very happy if we all agreed to not use it,personally i prefer realistic formations like 451 433(w) but in this GW its hard to play this way,this season i used many different formations but against 352 id lose most games and id end using it,like they say if you cant beat em,join em.But it would be great if no one uses the formation next season.
  4. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Can Gignac hit 90 again?
  5. Re: The REAL World Championship will send one for Saturday,Good game last night!
  6. Re: The REAL World Championship 0-0 draw at Spurs,What happens now?
  7. Re: The REAL World Championship would prefer Dost but your chairman wont allow it,might take Welbeck though.Thanks
  8. Re: The REAL World Championship Lost 3-0 to milan and play them again tonight in the SMFA Shield.Podolski is ruled out for the season with a 5 week injury:(.
  9. Re: AngusPAOK Graphics|OPEN Hey mate can i get a sig of Benzema,Podolski,Shaqiri and Thiago Alcantara in Marseille kits with the words "The REAL World Championship" bellow?
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Isco or El Shaarawy?
  11. Re: The REAL World Championship knew it would shock you,its a two part deal i got Sahin,its a risk with Powell being a big riser but my midfield is weak and Sahin will be my best mid,hope he gets his form back irl.Who would you have given for him?
  12. Re: The REAL World Championship still might,Podolski was injured thats the reason he played and got a few wingers out on loan.If i was Wenger id say 'They'll be like new signings'
  13. Re: The REAL World Championship Beat Juve 1-0 away with a goal by Ayew.
  14. Re: The Underdog - Star Player Thread [Please Look Through!] Ill take Benzema!
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