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  1. Hi, i need for my team a young back (mostly CB but LB or LB too). He must be between 82 to 85 more or less and he must rise in the future. If he is going to rise to 82 or more in few weeks, i'd like too players less than 82 rated. Thanks!
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    Re: CB Thanks I'm going to sing Sakho, because the others are in huma teams and would be very difficult to buy them.
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    I need a CB minimum rated in 89 that will keep or raise in the future. Subotic and Hummels are in Human teams. Other good options? Thanks
  4. Respuesta: Rising back (80-83) Any player please?
  5. Please, can you say me some backs (centre, right, or left, anywhe) betwen 80 to 83 more or less and that will rise up in the next revision of his country? I have some names and i searched too, but are many in other teams and i want more to compare and catch the best option. Thanks!
  6. Respuesta: Rising defender (80-85) Thank you very much guys, you help me a lot! And a rising LM,DM or winger of this type?
  7. Re: Rising defender (80-85) Thaks, but Vrjalko is loaned by another team (he was in my list) and Aston Villa is managed by a human coach, so is difficult to buy him.
  8. Respuesta: Rising defender (80-85) I prefer centre deffenders, but if there are good wings I want to And Contento is loaned by another team, but thanks
  9. Hello! I want a deffender for my Shorpe team. I have arround 4millions beacuse i want to exchange a player and i can put some money. I want a defender (80-85 mark) that will rise to 85 or more in the future. Please, give me some names, because some young players are in other teams (or in mine xD) and there aren't many options left. Thanks
  10. Respuesta: Help with young team Thanks! Gezza, i'm catalan so all the names that you gave me of the spanish league i know and I have few of them like Thiago or Isco. But thank you for your list, are a lot of names that will help me.
  11. Respuesta: Help with young team Thanks! I was asking about young players betwenn 70 and 80 that will rise up to 80 or more in the next revisions. I have a new team in a low division and i want this kind of players to improve my team. Thanks again.
  12. Respuesta: Help with young team Please, can anyone say me something? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, is my first topic in the forum, but I'm an experimented manager, i've been playin during years. I ask you for help to my new team. I want young people betwen 80 that will progress in the future or 7x that are going to rise up quickly. And if it can be cheap better xD Thanks! P.D: I'm not english, so sorry if my message have errors
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